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I did a search and didn't find any threads about this. I don't know much about it, but it sounds like a "cycling" type program or perhaps MLM. I know that sounds pretty scammy, but apparently Ewen Chia is behind it, and I've always thought of him as a well respected and accomplished affiliate marketer. I don't see why he'd even be tempted to get involved in something that could ruin his reputation.

I'll admit that the overall look of this program is something that doesn't appeal to me -it sounds too much like the kind of thing I used to throw money away on when I first discovered things like IM. But I like to keep an open mind, and am curious if anyone has bought this product or has any informed opinions about it.

No link, as I don't want it to look like I'm promoting it, but "Perpetual 20" has plenty of listings.
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    It doesn't look bad too me and the fact Ewen Chia is promoting it and he is an IM that I respect very much so I am sure it is a decent product. I don't really like the fact that it seems very much MLM however I would think you could make just as much money by getting a Hosting Reseller account with Hostgator because that is what this seems to be aside from the training part.


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    Kind of funny I was originally going to BUY IT and then try it out for my LIST but then I got to thinking the people who I would most likely be selling it too would be my LIST! Which I really can't do because I am not going to recommend a product to my list that I have not tested myself so I scratched the idea.

    However I am thinking about getting it regardless and then trying some other ways of testing it!


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      Fellow Warriors,

      I too was a bit shocked that Ewen Chia would in fact create a 2-up MLM based system, as in absolution that's exactly what it is.

      However, curiosity got the best of me and I joined last week. Honestly, I'm quite impressed so far. Unlike most MLM's that are designed to fail, I truly believe Ewen's program will be a great success for anyone who puts forth the sincere effort to promote it.

      Here's an honest overview of the pro's and con's...


      • Easy to use back office
      • It's affordable $29.95 per month (Basically $1 per day)
      • The Training is pretty basic, but thorough for beginner's and intermediate users, and includes roughly 70 video tutorials.
      • Plus there's some backlinking & social networking tips, as well.
      • Right now, there is nearly 60 Master Resale and PLR products available, and more are added monthly, so right there Ewen's giving you an easy $30 value in product each month! (IMO)
      • The banners, textual, email ads, and resources to promote with are all included.
      • There are tips for structuring a WordPress site, hosting, etc...
      • The tracking reports on free trial member opts in, and the system does all the email marketing for you to encourage members to join.
      • There are NO Refunds! (Money is paid to sponsors immediately!)
      • No Upsells!
      • Overall, I think Ewen did a great job!
      Now, for the cons:

      • Currently, there is no way to track CTR, as the stats only report successful opt-ins, not click-through rates to the main landing page.
      • Alert Pay was a bit cumbersome, and took me a week to get funds set-up to join, as they have to confirm your bank or credit card details, before you can actively use the account.
      In summary, after contacting support (which responded within 24 hours) -I was informed "live" stats for click-throughs is being added, as I am sure they've gotten several complaints.

      And finally, after asking ; "Why Alert Pay?"

      I was informed that PayPal will not accept payments without a refund policy in place. Because the Perpetual 20 System distributes payments immediately to qualifying sponsor's, there really isn't a way to offer a refund. Members can simply cancel at anytime.

      IMO Perpetual 20 has great potential, I am psyched, and looking forward to see what my advertising efforts produce over the 1st 2 months! With barely any effort spent on promoting it yet, I have 6 sign-ups...but it's early yet.

      See my signature link....for Bonus Offer!!!

      Best Regards,


      P.S. The way I look at it is every new member sign-up is potentially 3 people, as they all have to give up 2 of their first 4 sales to qualify. After those 2, you keep everyone you sign, and collect 2 from everyone who works the system. Thus, get 100 people to join, they follow through, become 300 members and your at $6k per month, and it doesn't end there...
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