Rules for this section: No aff links, no bashing, keep it clean

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The rules for this section:

1. To start a new thread about a product post the product name only in the subject line. If anything other than the product name is in the subject line it will not be approved.

2. If you post your opinion on a product it must be longer than "it sucks" or "it's great". We're looking for intelligent feedback and reasons why you feel the way you do, good or bad.

3. Do not attack nor give your opinion about the product creator. This forum is about product reviews, not the people who create the products.

4. In general, just use common sense and don't come in here just to bash products created by people you may not like. Again, we are looking for intelligent reviews so people can be helped in making a decision one way or the other.

5. No threads will be accepted if the owner of the product is posting their own product just so it gets advertised. We can tell, so please don't try it.

6. This forum is not for reviews of WSO offers.

7. No Affiliate Links - Sorry but if we allowed affiliate links in these reviews it would be a big ad forum within a few days instead of an unbiased review forum.

What we are looking for in this forum are 'honest', intelligent reviews. This means that we moderators take a tougher line on affiliate links than in the other Warrior forums.

If you write a review of a product, there must be no affiliate link to that product in the post or in the signature. BUT it also means that there must be no indirect link either.

If you link to a so-called review page that is little more than a sales site for the product complete with affiliate link, we will remove the link. This equally applies to people posting 'review videos' full of non-critical praise for the product with an affiliate link next to it.

Please remember that you can 'switch off' your signature in any post, simply by unchecking the box available in the 'advanced' options.

8. No Bashing - No calling people liars, scum, etc. Review the product INTELLIGENTLY. Write reviews as if your mother is watching.


If you are interested in buying some product and don't see a review thread for it, get a thread started on that product and some members who have purchased it will post their reviews of it.


Searching: As this forum grows it may be difficult to see if a review thread already exists for some product. The easy way to find out is go to the search page, choose just this forum to search, and put in the product name. That is why we require only the product name in the subject line. It will be easy to search that way.[/FONT]
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    Anyone who is caught stuffing cookies will be banned for a long time, most likely permanently.
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      As has been noted, the product review request situation has led to some serious flooding of places that don't benefit from it. Add in the fact that a big chunk of the people posting them have used them as WSO pre-selling systems, and you've got an abuse problem.

      Here's the new process:

      1. Product review requests should be posted in the Wanted - Members Looking To Hire You section. Not here.

      2. All review request thread titles must start with the tag [Reviewers wanted].

      3. You may ask potential reviewers to contact you via any combination of the following: Post in the thread, PM you, or send you an email. No outbound links (other than an email address) may be included in the body of the request, and you must close your thread prior to posting a WSO link for the product being reviewed.

      In short, don't try to use this as a pre-selling system for an upcoming WSO.

      4. Product creators may put whatever qualifying criteria they wish on potential reviewers. Must have X posts, must have been a member for Y amount of time, first name must begin and end with a vowel... whatever. If you do not meet those criteria, don't ask for a review copy of the product.

      5. Critiques should be sent via whatever method the product creator specifies. Don't ask for a copy if you aren't going to actually review it and provide feedback. "Cool stuff" is not feedback.

      This same process may be used to find beta-testers for new sites and software.
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