Scrape Box Yes Or No ??

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Hey everyone, i have been looking at scrapebox for the past week , and wondering if it is all its cracked up to be. I have read mixed reviews about it, i was wondering if i could get some feed back about this product as well maybe some competitors products to compare.

thanks alot warriors this helps me out a bunch
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    Before Panda, this use to be my number one tool for SEO... Loved it to pieces.

    However I got my ass wupped and I've kinda moved onto other traffic generation methods so I don't use it anymore.

    ...But like I said, I loved it when SEO was my main traffic source.

    Hope this helps!

    James Scholes
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    Hey James Thanks , so would u say it doesnt really work no more , or is it worth the money and time to learn it ? which other traffic software's have you moved onto ?
    thanks again

    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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    Hey James Thanks , so would u say it doesnt really work no more , or is it worth the money and time to learn it ? which other traffic software's have you moved onto ?
    thanks again
    Like I said above, I kinda abandoned SEO after Panda so I'm probs not the best person to answer this now.

    But... I would say it's still very effective but Scrapebox is only a "small" part of the backlinking equation.

    To rank well, Google demands a vast range of backlinks coming from different sources. If you're hoping to rank well solely of the back of Scrapebox, then I think you're gonna be disappointed.

    After all, you couldn't build a house with just a hammer right. You need a wide range of tools... And of course, the vast knowledge to use them.

    ...It's the same with SEO.

    Hope this helps

    James Scholes
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    I own ScrapeBox and even though it's extremely powerful, most people abuse the hell of out of it. The only reason I would ever use ScrapeBox is in order to check out my competitors or find websites relating to specific keywords. But in the end, I rarely use the tool and prefer manual methods of commenting much more.

    I have done tons of tests with ScrapeBox, but it doens't compare to the 50 unique visitors a day I received from a single blog post a few weeks ago. If you are looking for backlinks, do them manually or outsource content writing. If you think that's "too much work", then I suggest getting out of that mindset and pushing yourself

    As James said, it was great a while back and it may be alright now, but overall I barely use the tool and definitely prefer building real methods of traffic from other sources which in turn can lead to rankings in Google anyways.

    Different sources for the win

    My name is Justin Lewis. My digital marketing company has been in business for over 10 years with multiple six-figure years. We do provide a premium web design service.

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    Can anyone give me an alternative software that would work better ?? my main reason for scrape box would be first off to beable to scrape emails from sites, and check pr's and hopefully create back links
    please anyone
    thanks alot guys

    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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    You can find alternative software to do article submission. Or you can use sick submitter. With the newest Panda 2.4 update, it seem that one of my site was penalize by Google. I was running scrapebox on one site very aggressively. And the other one I create high PR link pyramid and blast comments to those high PR sites. Today, 5 days from when I set up the site, one ranked #15, the other one is nowhere to be found. It still works, but you just have to work your way around it.
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    I was thinking about getting Scrapebox as well... My plan was to use it to generate mass links to some of my high quality posts, articles etc (ezine article posts, hubpages posts etc), not directly to my website itself... (so basically using it for a pyramid) and then submitting the links to - Scheduled RSS Feeds to get your Backlinks Crawled FAST to get them indexed... Do you guys think it is still worth using for that strategy?
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    I use Scrapebox on a daily basis and the feature I use the least is the fast poster. It's got about a million other uses. Additionally, it can help find high PR, dofollow blogs to manually comment on. You don't HAVE to use the fast poster.
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    I have Scrapebox, SeNuke X and Tweet Attacks PRO.

    All of them "work" but I must agree that Scrapebox is abused by millions of people who don't bother to learn the proper techniques, they just spam the hell out of the web..

    Again, it DOES "work" but keep in mind that ALL of these tools, no matter what they are - They are only as good as the person using it. In the end, you are the one responsible for setting it up.

    So if you (not YOU as in the OP, but YOU as in anyone who reads this) are having trouble with your results, perhaps its time to stop bashing the product and start adjusting the methods that you are using.

    PS: How ya like TA Pro so far Fraser?
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    Ok, I'm going to try and address the original concern.

    Some alternatives to scrapebox is a free scraper put out by the sick team. Go check out and you should find it there. I think you will find the link in the forum. They have many different free tools that work really well.

    I like scrapebox for list management. I use it mainly to scrape but also to manage my huge lists of urls. I like to compare them on the domain level so I don't have duplicate domains in my lists for forums or anything else I'm scraping.

    As far as scraping emails from sites I'm not sure of alternative software but if you are looking for a simple free scraper then I would for sure check out the one over at it is called the sick scraper.

    Good luck
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    In my opinion scrapebox will always be worth getting if your willing to learn how to use it properly.

    Most people think of it as a spamming tool, which it is and is the reason most people buy it because all they want is to create gazillions of backlinks and nothing else.

    Although this has its place, scrapebox does so much more I wont even try listing all of it's features.

    But yeah, you can harvest emails, keywords, url's etc check pr, find expiring domains.

    I could go on an on.

    One recent new feature is the fast poster learning mode which allows you to teach scrapebox to comment on new platforms. So you can find one's that haven't been spammed to death by everyone, put in a bit of work to teach SB and Bob's your .uncle.
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    The people merely relying on Scrapebox to spam out comments is really missing the true power of the software. LOVE finding highquality PR pages with minimum obl's...
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    Agreed Kael, I was shocked when I saw everything it can do - And that was before I found the add-ons! LOL
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    I use scrapebox a lot. Though it can be abused you can create quality high pr backlinks with it if you use it properly and don't just spam the hell out of every autoapprove blog you find. You can first check the pr and obl and comment only on the higher quality pages. It also has a ton of other features, addons, and uses. IMO the best $57 I have spent in a long time. I have also made my money back over ten times selling backlinking services.

    If anybody needs any google passed public proxies for harvesting I post a fresh list each day here: Scrapebox Proxies | SceneMarket - Buy Sell Trade
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      Originally Posted by honestkr View Post

      so scrape box can't produce high quality traffic...
      is that right?
      Well you have the the fast commenter which most people use for mass spamming. Having scraped and sorted huge lists of auto approve blogs. They will then blast them with a list of comments regardless of the blogs subject matter. Generally spammy comments.

      Thats the shotgun approach.

      A more targetted approach is to
      Scrape a list of keywords, lets say weight loss
      Scrape a list of blogs using those kw's, not specifically auto approve
      Write a lot of relevant comments on the subject (spin if you want)

      Submit the comments

      More than likely most of these blogs will be moderated, hence targeting a niche at and time using relevant comments.

      Then you have the ultra targetted manual poster.
      Scrape kw's
      Scrape blogs
      Check page rank
      Start posting

      The manual poster will fill out all the form fields for you so you just need to read the blog post and write your comments.
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      Originally Posted by honestkr View Post

      so scrape box can't produce high quality traffic...
      is that right?
      i think you meant "high quality links". what do you mean by high quality traffic? high volume of highly targetted visitors?

      Using proven methodologies, we will engineer your web site with the focus to delivering tangible values to your business via SEO. Our integrated web strategies include web design, web development, creative, internet marketing services and SEO services.

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    Scrapebox is a cheap and best tool for backlinking and url harvest.
    We Create Your Awesome Website for $3
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    Hi Frasersellhealth,

    I use Scrapebox but only occasionally, once sometimes twice in a month, but I use it to harvest URL's and I check PR. Once I have 4-5 quality sites I do read the posts and leave a comment that should give value to the original post.

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    scrapebox is a good tool for generating links to the sites that promote your sites but not to your main money site.

    So create web 2.0 and article directory articles and post them and use scrapebox to link back to those and not your main money site.
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