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Hello thank you for taking time out to view this post, first off I would like to say that I am not making this post to discredit anyone...I am simply at my wits end, and I need help. I recently purchased Internet Marketing Uncut here on the Warrior Forum, from a very gifted warrior most of you know as Tristan Bull. After purchasing the product via paypal (let me express that I don't have a paypal account) I received a receipt from payapl soon after, containing my receipt number and the details of the payment which said Order Desciption: IMU WSO and the payment went to an email address containing the name internet marketing uncut(so I assumed it is the right company). After receiving this email I sent a PM to Tristan Bull including the receipt number, 2 days after he replied saying: I cant seem to find that transaction ID in paypal. Are you sure you have already purchased? I replied saying that I'm quite sure and explained the details to him in a PM and I also posted a post on the main forum where I purchased, now it has been 4 days since purchasing, still no answer, the amount of $50 has been charged to my credit card, and nobody wants to help me, or seems to care. I just want help, I really don't want to make a problem out of this, I still very much would like to recieve the product I payed for, I think i've allowed enough time, and wouldn't have even mind if my messages at least got answered. If anyone has any idea how this can be resolved..please feel free to let me know, I tried PM, I PM others who have purchased the product...both got no responses, I would really appreciate if somone could give me some idea of what I did or am doing wrong. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm could you pay via Paypal if you don't have a Paypal account?
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      Yes, you can pay thru paypal without an account now.

      The buyer's transaction ID number is different than the one sent to the seller - it's not designed for ID purposes but is a paypal function.

      He needs the exact email address you used when you sent the payment - that is what he must have to find that payment. He may not know this.

      I see you posted the problem in the WSO thread (yesterday) so hopefully you'll get an answer soon.

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        Thank you so much, I did not know that and I will surely let him know! Thanks again Kay your a lifesaver!!

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      ye right how can u?
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    Hi, i just purchased couple of Tristan's products and had no problem with the downloads - i am sure your problem was a unique one and hope it gets solved.
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