Best Wiki poster software?

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I've found WikiPRO and this software with the apt name Wikispambot

Both seem similar, but I can't figure out if you can add your own sites to WikiPRO, which I think is critical.

Any reviews?
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    i use wikipro at the moment, it was updated lately and I'm finding now that the links then in the reports since its been updated they are awkward to get into require you to sign up, I'm sure the links are still working fine though as i know it signs up and then posts

    only thing i would say about wikipro is it does not have the ability to add your own harvested lists of media wiki sites which would be an awesome addon to it!
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    Cool, but adding your own wikis is a must have imo since the standard ones will get spammed to oblivion.

    So how are wikilinks really working? This seem to be all the rage at the moment and one of the few things I haven't tried. They're essentially article in content links right? Just not spammed as much as regular AMR directories?

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    Did you check out ExtremeWikiposter - The Ultimate Wiki Posting Tool

    Let me know if you have any questions or so. You can import your own wikis and the tool will post to it if its a supported platform.
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    I have another thread with few good tools mentioned here
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      I have used WikiPro which isn't bad. But this WikiKiller Looks really good. You can add your own wikis too.
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    I m bumping this because it will be useful for warriors, i found one more new software from clyde i.e Wiki bomber
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    I worked with Extreme Wikiposter and it works fine
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    Wikiwom automatic software is the best wiki poster software.

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      For now year 2014 wikirobot is working well as wiki poster.

      Many old wiki poster has been deactivated and not in use. Recently wikirobot is working fine for me.
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