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Interesting webinar last night; system provides OTO products and sales funnels primarily to build lists. Webinar somewhat less hype-y than most; a couple of testimonials. One time payment of $997. Pretty spendy but perhaps will payback?

Does anyone know these folks? Some testimonials were from a prior system from Kevin....

Thanks for your input.
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    Has anyone had experience with these folks? They also did CBCode with Tim Bekker... this system looks viable to me. Here's the link: http://elitegroup2012.com/replay/
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      Bump. Anyone? Bueller?
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      • I tried the Elite Group and actually liked it, but I did have some tracking issues and I tried to get their support's help. I also asked Kevin Fahey for help and this was his response:

        Kevin, I really enjoy using your Elite Group system, it has worked great and I am impressed. I am looking forward to the continue use. Unfortunately, I have had several problems on the way. Your tracking is great, but I have been noticing quite the difference between it and aweber. A couple I could be ok with, but it has gotten very high now. Yesterday, the first issue was because the solo provider I had dealt with had done something to the link and because of that, it is the reason why your tracking didnt see the link, but aweber did. I dealt with this and everything is ok. The second issue about the differences between the 2 tracking systems was explained a while ago that your programmer or someone was going to get back to me about it, they never have yet. Today, I inquire with Justin about it and he blames me and says that I need to watch the videos. In no way will they help my issue and I have watched them several times. Justins response to me was that he has helped me and if I dont like it, then quit! All I asked was why is there such a difference between the 2 tracking... I am about to start paying for this system and would agree to, but if this is the support I get when I ask a simple question about what issues I am experiencing then I would have to pass. Not only that, but I would be compelled to write a review... I dont want any of this to happen, as I stated, I enjoy your system, but....
        Kevin Fahey: ok
        Kevin Fahey: we've told you tracking is not everything
        Brian Madore: I know
        Kevin Fahey: its what's in aweber which counts
        Brian Madore: I agree
        Kevin Fahey: I also told you and anyone in marketing a few weeks know
        Kevin Fahey: all tracking will vary..
        [11:28:32 AM] Kevin Fahey: now.. I think you'e paid $1 so far? am I correct?
        [11:28:36 AM] Brian Madore: my aweber says my optins are like 40, your tracking says like close to 100
        Kevin Fahey: ok
        Kevin Fahey: I've explained it too many times
        Kevin Fahey: so have the team
        Brian Madore: yes, and agree to pay more
        Kevin Fahey: so Brian, if your not happy write your review
        Kevin Fahey: and leave..
        Brian Madore: thats not what I want to do
        Kevin Fahey: I am not repeating myself anymore
        Kevin Fahey: as I said before
        Kevin Fahey: if your not happy and you think we could be cheating you or lying to you
        Brian Madore: I am not saying that at all!
        Kevin Fahey: good luck.. I've A LOT of people to help..

        End result, I canceled and refuse to deal with people like that...
        I have been in IM for over a year and I do know and understand tracking...
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      I have been with Elite Group and i honestly can vouch for great results and great support.
      These guys really know what they are talking about and have helped me no end.

      Thanks guys.

      Robert Brown
      Skype: rbinternetmarketing

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    Guess I got to jump in here now..

    As we grew I was expecting some Warriors to get hold of Elite and tell everyone how amazing Elite is.. Guess I need to do it now.. lol

    Big thanks to "athenajw" for opening the post and attending the Webinar we had back in March 2012. Since then, many changes and only recently many new members have joined. We've also removed the $997 option and offering a $1 Trial for 7 Days followed by $97 per month. You can view the sales page here : Elite Group 2012

    One thing with Elite we take a lot of pride in, is our live support 24 / 7 available from within our site, available at our help desk : Online IM Support and members get access to a 6 strong support team available on Skype including access to me and Jesse.

    Re : Brian Madore
    I just counted up the time (over 16 hours of one on one ) myself, Jesse and the support team spent with your explaining to you and helping you understand that if your "oto page/confirmation page" after a subscriber opts in was the same as your exit splash it would effect your tracking.. Why? Because anyone who does not optin is still been sent to your confirmation..ie counting as a conversion.. We also explained this to you clearly in the Skype VIP Group and again on the webinar we had a few nights ago..

    For the Warriors looking for more info, have any questions drop me PM, Skype me : kevinfahey535 or contact our 24/7 live support.

    I'll also place a video below which will give you a back office tour of the system a few weeks ago. We've added loads more updates since


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      Originally Posted by kevinfahey View Post

      Guess I got to jump in here now..

      As we grew I was expecting some Warriors to get hold of Elite and tell everyone how amazing Elite is.. Guess I need to do it now.. lol
      Just watched your video... same ol' same ol' hype. I turned it off less than a minute in.

      And the way you treated your "$1" customer wasn't not very "elegant."

      If you're tracking wasn't "perfect", you should get it fixed... not blame your customer.
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        Originally Posted by AmazeMe View Post

        Just watched your video... same ol' same ol' hype. I turned it off less than a minute in.

        And the way you treated your "$1" customer wasn't not very "elegant."

        If you're tracking wasn't "perfect", you should get it fixed... not blame your customer.
        Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!
        Have a great day!
        Kevin Fahey


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        Originally Posted by AmazeMe View Post

        Just watched your video... same ol' same ol' hype. I turned it off less than a minute in.

        And the way you treated your "$1" customer wasn't not very "elegant."

        If you're tracking wasn't "perfect", you should get it fixed... not blame your customer.
        I'm not a member of Elite, but have dealt with Kevin in the past. Kev is a Top man, I feel that the person complaining has only posted what he wanted, not the full story....There are a lot if people out there that like to "blame" others for their own failures, and are what I call "The glass half empty" brigade. I don't like the "wingers" round me neither. Have a great day All!
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    I just want to say something in defense of the elitegroup team.
    I am going to be blunt, honest and truthful.
    I joined Elitegroup to diversify my online income without ever
    Having much experience with List Building.

    The system is EXCELLENT and provides everything a person
    starting out or experienced with list building needs
    to build a Great income from this method.

    Kevin, Jesse and Justin work extremely hard to
    Provide impeccable customer service and are ALWAYS
    available to their customers with any questions and guidance.

    The reality of the matter is, you can't make everyone happy and someone is
    Always going to complain. It's just the nature if the beast.

    But rest assure.... They are great guys and provide a very powerful
    system for list building!!

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    Wow, I had not seen this until today!

    First off I want to say a big thanks to athenajw for attending one of the webinars we did!

    I sincerely hope you got a ton of great information from it!

    Thank you Yury! It is working with people like yourself that make this site so enjoyable!

    Ok and as for Brian's post....we pride ourselves on having the best customer support in the business. As a matter of fact I challenge anyone to find a better system that offers, 24/7 LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT for only $1.

    Well actually you don't even need to pay $1, you can see even offer live support on the sales page... 2012-06-29_1120 - jregan's library

    How many IM membership sites can you say do this?

    The point being is that we take what we do very seriously, and I want to clear up what was said here and hammer home how much we want to help people succeed online. But having said that, WE refuse to work with people that are unreasonable and 90% of what they say is either a complaint or a demand.

    It clearly states on the Sales Page that we do not offer refunds. The reason being is, we only want to work with people that have great attitudes, want to build a huge list and make full time income online.

    I do not hide the fact that I tell the staff, if someone is giving you a hard time in support or if they expect you to do an unreasonable amount of work for them then please pass that on to me or Kevin and we will deal with it. It just does not make much sense from a business standpoint when you have hundreds of happy members and one person is taking up 75% of the time in support with complaints.

    I guess what I am trying to say here is, if you want to join something that we feel is the best of the best in IM, then I suggest you give it a shot. But if you are someone that expects others to do everything for you or you just have a poor attitude in general, I suggest you stay away because we will not be for you

    If you have any questions about the Elite Group, please ask away or just go the sales page and hit up the Live Support!


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      Well, I guess I need to weigh in here now after reading through all the comments.

      I have been a member of "the" Elite Group now since March 2012. I have found the support in Elite Group to be exceptional.

      Now, I can understand someone having an issue with a particular area that is doing something that he doesn't like. I think we have all had this problem at times.

      I also understand "tracking" is an important feature to have. However, it is not the end all of Internet Marketing. Making money is...and that is what Elite Group allows you to do.

      I know that there's been issues with the Elite Group tracking in the past but if I'm not mistaken it has been taken care of now. Maybe not to everyone's satisfaction but enough that it will work and get the job done.

      Kevin, Jesse and their support staff have been adding new features to the program almost daily (well, it seems almost daily) now....so they are trying to make this the best product available. And from what I have bought in the past (and I mean $1000's of dollars worth) this is the best program that I have seen come down the pike in a long time.

      Elite Group is a no-brainier in my opinion.
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        Hey guys ....... I am a member of Elite Group. Now before joining Elite group I was already list building. I was already able to put up a squeeze page and redirect to an OTO offer and continure to follow up with emails etc. I have been around the block a couple times.. I am not a guru or a newbie really..... However now even for me I thought Elite group is a a no brainer... I mean hey being able to create a new funnel in like 2 minutes just point and click is really awesome.

        I have known Kevin now for over 1 year and half when I started to focus on my list building again.. I learn a great deal from over that time and now him and Jesse put together Elite which is what Ican recommend to anyone serious about list building without question. Man do \i wish I had this when I started out even 1 year and half ago when I mt Kevin.. I would be way more ahead.

        I would call this a real system unlike some of the guru systems that are heavy promoted right now..(WONT SAY WHO) that get you in teach you what to do ( in a way) then give your 'THIER FACE AND SQUEEZE PAGE' to go and promote and by the second week nobody will sell you a solo ad.

        who cares if a bit of the tracking was not working very well for a day or so.. its just link tracking.. use your own if needed. if someone does not see the value in what is offered then yes just leave.. if you do then make use.

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    I know nothing about Elite, but it looks very cool to me. I'm probably getting in on it very soon. My point here, though, is simply this. Spend your $1, make it work, or if it seems to suck... just bow out. All the time you spend harassing folks who are really making things work is the reason you haven't got any time or energy left over for your own success.

    I don't say this to denigrate Brian or anyone else. It's just like... learn, grow and move forward. We're all doing this business together and we're gonna be hangin' on the water cooler together sooner or later. Peace!

    Co-Founder of the Whirlwind Success "VIP Club"... personal coaching for IMers and bloggers.

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    sry, Elite doesn't have the $1 trial anymore.

    This program is very suitable for those who are willing to take action and trying to make money in the IM niche.

    I'm Buying Health Solos, please PM me if you are selling!

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    Pity that the $1 Trial is not available any more. I wonder why or what went wrong. "Try before you buy" is an accepted marketing strategy both for online and off line.


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    hi i juat spent two days trying to find more information about this this person and this program there is nothing much on either.
    What makes him such an authority? I seen those squeeze pages before and they are dull and boring as if your watching paint dry.
    No one on here has said if they one cent on this product so i take it that nobody has.
    He writes pretty good emails but as for his products are concerned; im very much on the fence.
    There has to be something better than this for a $1200 a year!
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      hi jonkev14

      Elitegroup2012 no longer exist! It is now called ElitegroupRevolution and been updated with tons of content and tools

      I been a member for more than a year now.

      I'm Buying Health Solos, please PM me if you are selling!

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        Thank you so much for proving my point. I have no more to say nor should anyone else!
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