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Has anyone tried this out Z Code Software yet? It's kind of like My Binary Code, but with sports betting. The price is a little high, but if it's a good return on investment like the testimonials say it's worth it right?
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    I found a youtube video which describes Z Code here:

    Z Code Software Members Area Walkthrough: Sports Betting Software

    I am also anxious to hear if any warriors have had any success with this.
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    The real test as to whether this works is in 6 months time with real money invested instead of backdated statistics. But it seems that it's shutting its doors so probably we will never know.

    Anyway there should always be a free 1-3 months free on any pick service worth its salt. Then get your first 500 free subscriber to pay with the money they will make and re-open the positions not paid for. You will fill up very, very quick again that way. And I will be the first in line to join up.
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