JV Rocket - your experience?

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Anyone have recent experience using solo ads with JV Rocket?

I know some people have had stellar results a year or two ago but
I was wondering if the conversions still make it worth the $2500.

Thanks in advance...
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  • Hi Matthew,

    I know this is an old thread, but I am looking for some feeback as well. Did you try them out?


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    I'd like to know the same, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience to simply ask for a lower rate and be flexible with the date you anticipate the mailing being sent out. The thing is to test your funnel before purchasing though.

    Know your conversions, know the best price points for maximum profits. Have a plan for your new list and put it to action as soon as you get them. Make sure your investment is one that doesn't result with you in the red.

    But keep in mind, even if you were to pay $2500 and only make back $1000 on the OTO, you can still work with the list you have. Consider surveying them and making a product exclusively for them or offering an exclusive coaching. Maybe ask them which IM superstar they admire and team up with that person to make a coaching, giving them the majority of earnings. For example:

    Out of the 226K subs, 10% open the email...26,000
    Out of those 26K, 50% click to your page...13,000
    Out of those 13K, 30% subscribe...3,900
    Out of those 3.9K, 3% take you up on your $27 OTO....117 sales equaling $3,159

    So maybe of those 3.9K, 1% take you up on your $27 OTO...39 sales equaling $1053

    Not by much though, by only $1447, you can make that back with a little planning!

    Let's say you survey and find out that people are really interested in list building. You go and find 10 of the best list builders in the industry. You ask them for an hour consult. You decide on one and he/she charges you $800 for an hour. You ask their permission to record and share. They agree.

    You give your list the first 15 minutes free and you highlight the important things in the full hour. You offer the hour consult recording along with 4 week personal one-on-one coaching for $300.

    Now let's pull some numbers and do some math.

    You have a list of 3.9K, out of those you get 30% over the course of a week (and many re-mails) to listen to the first 15 minutes, resulting in 1170 leads.

    Out of those 1170 leads, 1% bite, that's about 12 leads paying you $300 each, that's $3600. $3600 + $1053 = $4653!

    Take away the initial $2500 investment you're up (IN THE GREEN) $2153!

    Yay, you! So the question isn't what the next guys experience is, but what your experience will be. Plan and execute and best of luck!
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    Hey guys this is my personal review of JV rocket

    I used them this month (October 2014)

    an the traffic is of very low quality for the IM niche - don't spend your money there.

    I have tested their traffic (a/b split testing) with a capture page that converts at 40% from cold traffic (tested it with thousands of clicks form other providers)

    JV Rocket best was a mediocre 7% opt-in with no trial sales which I normally converts 1 in 100 clicks.

    Stay well away.

    You have been warned.


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