App Cat - Anybody using it?

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I was just looking at the site for App Cat, app building software.

What's inside the box? - App.Cat

Anybody have experience using it and give us a run down on it?
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    I have not used it but i was planing out doing so
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    Originally Posted by wagsgraphx View Post

    I was just looking at the site for App Cat, app building software.

    What's inside the box? - App.Cat

    Anybody have experience using it and give us a run down on it?
    It is pretty basic and has only very limited functionality. Additionally many of the added features have a cost to them. I would tend to use the apps it create as a business card rather than an app a business might want to use.
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      Be aware of this company. Appcat is a very unprofessional company.. if you don't want to waste your time and money don't even think to buy it.
      they are very unprofessional and the service is too expensive. They change prices and feature almost every day. If you buy the software you have to spend other money in buying services... and the worst is that if you sell to a customer a free servicethe very next day they could change it in a paid service so you have to replan your business strategy.........they are not fair, they are so unprofessional and finally their web app is just a mobile web site with an iOS bubble. it's a very low service...... they try to sell it at a very high price with no customer service behind. Don't waste your time and money. All the good reviews you will find on the internet are made by them............these are made by real tester..and I'm unfortunately one of them.
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        Agree with mcpears ... avoid Appcat, Instant App and Hottrix at all costs. They made 8 unauthorized debits on my credit card. I tried in vain to contact them but couldn't .... I made some comments on facebook and twitter to warn others and Appcat suspended my account ... no contact just heavyhanded thuggery. THis doen't concern me as I should get money back through bank and had already decided NOT to use appcat anymore. BUT WANT TO WARN OTHERS TO RUN AWAY from this shady company. Cheers
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          Warning Warning Warning - avoid App Cat - a once reasonable system on a fast track to destruction

          Many folks have paid $100 + more, supposedly a one time only charge to white label an app - now only to be told ( no email notification or broadcast alert ) for each individual white label app will cost $8 per month per app ( this was not in the original business model or agreement !

          Additionally all support emails querying such remain unanswered the only thing thats works is their debiting system $ $ $

          typical support reply thats always goes unanswered ?
          "We received your support request and will tend to it in order of receipt.
          This may take up to 72 hours or longer because we're a family operated business."

          their are many better businesses offering better value and genuine concern for loyal customers ( ~ :

          the future ~ ours to create

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    Such a shame because being able to make a mobile website for a restaurant while eating at the restaurant using just your phone was a really cool idea.
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