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Hey, I been buying PLR and was wondering what the best place to buy them. I been using master-resale-rights.com. If you been buying PLR where have you been buying them?

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    These are also good, theplrmart.com and theplrstore.com

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    I mostly have used theplrstore.com
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    Those are good site. With PLR you can take a PLR product, and promote it to your list and get 100% of the profits. Warrior Special Offers come with PLR rights many times.
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    resellrightsfortune is pretty good.

    Martin Platt

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    If you have to, theplrstore is decent. But honestly, everything out there is just rehashed information and you're just paying for the pretty little package. I would suggest doing research first. Ask detailed and specific questions and you'll get answers.
    But it depends on what specifically you are trying to do. If you are planning to just rehash a rehash and put you name on it, I would suggest just writing your own product. Something that is easy to follow and has step-by-step instructions that people can put into practice.
    If you are buying for the purpose of learning for yourself, just use this forum to your advantage. Research online and you'll be surprised how easy it is to find what you're looking for. Best of luck either way!
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    Lots of good ones, especially if you like the membership option, which most of people who buy from us don't. We sift through the garbage from the other sites and provide packages of the decent stuff, and without the viruses you'll find on some of the sites.

    That's not to say that the owners of the sites put viruses in their packages. They don't. But some of the older stuff on those sites was contributed material, and some of those old packages are a disaster waiting to happen on your system. Avoid pre-2010 stuff and you're good. Personally, for membership, we like IDPLR. Tiffany Dow and Steve Dougherty have some good article/video content as well, respectively.
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    You can try for easyplr.com,plrpro.com .I found as inspiring
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    Best places to buy PLR content?

    It all depends on what type of PLR content you're looking for. Are you looking for Non Transferable PLR content or just Transferable PLR content?

    If you want Non Transferable PLR content, then you have to buy it directly from the PLR content provider. Certain PLR content providers focus on certain niches... so the best places to buy would depend on the niche.

    For example, if you're looking for personal development PLR content, you could try PLR.Me or BestQualityPLR.com

    If you're fine with just transferable PLR content, then shop around for the cheapest price (for example, Tradebit.com) or join a general PLR and Resell Rights membership site, like Resell-rights-weekly.com
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    There are lots of places to buy PLR Product
    it depends on the niche you want to get those
    PLR product.

    Aside from the above listed by other members
    you can get better ones here on the warrior forum
    with better offers.
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    I love PLR, and as a result, I have looked into a lot of different PLR providers. My three favorite places to find PLR are:

    PLR Assassin: This site provides a ton of different PLR products, and is adding to its library all the time. Not everything there is great, but a lot of it is very useful if you take the time to rework it and rebrand it.

    Jimmy Brown's Prime PLR: Jimmy D. Brown, who is a big time marketer offers all sorts of super super high quality PLR. These are rights to products he has sold and in some cases, he is still selling. This is my go to place for PLR, but because it is higher quality, the cost is substantially higher.

    Warrior Forum WSOs: The last place I look for PLR is in the WSO section. There are a lot of PLR providers who put their stuff in the WSO forum, and what I prefer, there are a lot of products that offer PLR to their products as an upsell.

    Hope that helps you out!
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    One that I haven't seen brought up that I like is IDPLR.com, but it does come down to what exactly you are looking for.
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      Agreed on IDPLR - I recently switched to their lifetime package, moving from ResaleRightsWeekly's monthly payments. They have almost the exact same library, and I saved a ton.
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    I don't really use plr anymore, but Master Resell Rights | Private Label Rights PLR | Master Resale Rights has a massive library. If my memory serves me correctly, it costs like $20 per month...but you can download as much as you want, and cancel anytime.

    My only advice, if you're going to use plr, take the time to rework, repurpose, and refine the materials... Just throwing it all over the internet isn't exactly helping anyone. I know for a fact, several warriors make a good living from re-vamping plr products.

    I got an email for a mobile app training, thought it was unique (and the new graphics were) but found the same exact product on MRR word for word!

    Point being, I unsubscribed from the persons list, and lost a lot of respect for him, as he had me believing he created these products himself.

    Therefore, plr has some good uses...just be careful it doesn't give your visitors one impression, and come back to bite you in the ass later...like them finding the original product was free somewhere else.
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    Some very good sites have been mentioned here. However nothing comes close to the extensive sorting and deep categories / subcategories in master-resale-rights.com.

    I can get a list of almost all existing PLR products in a particular niche with ease there. And that's been very convenient for me to purchase products on many occasions.
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      Jimmy D Brown is a star marketer and his plr store is great and as a content marketer just what I need.
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