Contest Burner or Contest Domination 2.0?

by Ldavid
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Someone could tell me what is the difference between Contest Burner and Contest Domination 2.0, and which one is better?
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    be nice to know if anyone knows the differences between the 2, i just bought both and trying to find out myself but hadnt had enough time to use them yet
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    Ye, I know the difference, have used them both.

    For me it would be contest domination for sure. Just read a little tutorial about it and you will know why
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    anyone out there who has used contest burner and made any money...??
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    I have contest burner and after a wee glitch( was sorted out by support very quickly), I had it up and running. Didn't make $$ but it got traffic. The reason I didn't make $$ is the only thing I had on my site was the contest... Stupid mistake I know, and some of the prizes were hand delivered. Physical products. Lost $$ on doing so, but got invaluable video footage of the handovers.

    That will come in handy and more valuable when I do another 3 months from now.

    Don't know about the other as I've not heard of it.

    Still, only need one comp plugin...and I've got CB and reckon it will be better used later this year.

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