Has Anyone Bought/ Used Luther Landro's Mobile SEO Dragon?

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I received an email from Luther Landro promoting his Mobile SEO Dragon.

I was wondering if anyone has purchased it and can give me some feedback.
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    This is back available for sale, anyone with a non affiliate review? Obviously all reviews in google are from affiliates.
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      I didn't try this myself but I got an email from Erica Stone this morning. I hope there is nothing wrong passing this email along to my fellow warriors. Here is the entire email:
      Don't Do What I Did

      I'm dashing this email out because I know that at least some of you are on the WarriorPlus WSO of the Day email list and, like me, you will have received - or will shortly receive - an email about a product called SEO Dragon. My recommendation: DO NOT BUY IT!

      I thought it sounded really interesting so I bought it.

      And within 20 minutes I was asking for a refund.

      The product claims to double or triple your traffic within 3 weeks by providing you a desktop app that will analyze any website and generate a report of the things you must improve on that website in order for your rankings to improve.

      I ran the app on one of my sites and generated the report. Much to my dismay the report was nothing other than the EXACT same information I can get for free from Google Analytics Site Speed Suggestions report. (Thank goodness I actually look at my Google Analytics reports or I might not have caught this.)

      I mean EXACT. Word for word.


      I buy a lot of things to test and I figure I'm taking a risk when doing so but I can usually get something new from a product and, in part, I chalk it up to the cost of doing business.

      I might have given this one some credit if it gave me information I would normally have to get from ten different sources but it doesn't even do that. I can get the same information with the push of one button in Google Analytics - including the information necessary to fix any of the issues.

      I can think of only one other time I've asked for a refund - that's how forgiving I am. Not this time. I do have some boundaries and this one crossed it for me.

      So, if you want to get the same report for your site that this product would give you:
      1. Log into your Google Analytics dashboard for your site
      2. Click on Behavior in the left sidebar
      3. Click on Site Speed
      4. Click on Site Speed Suggestions
      5. Scroll through the list of URLs under the chart to find your home page (it will look like "/" - no post name)
      6. Click on the hyperlink for your home page URL under the Page Speed Suggestions column
      7. There you'll see Google's suggestions for improving the speed of your site
      Under each item will be information on how to fix the issue. Those explanations can get pretty technical but there were no easier instructions inside SEO Dragon. Many of the items can be addressed by installing a caching plug-in like W3 Total Cache (for which your host probably has instructions that work with their platform) and an image compression plug-in like Smush It.


      Erica Stone
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    I build a lot of mobile sites and by default those site have a very small footprint and load super fast so there is nothing to do to make them load faster. Desktop is a different story of course so I'm not sure about the "mobile" part of seo dragon, that makes no sense to me. As far as the review put out by Erica Stone, thank you for the heads up. Also the thing is that the most important thing on a website is high quality unique content, that is what will get a site ranked and bring in more traffic. Speeding up load times by itself has nothing to do with traffic so I don't even get the premise of this software as it's presented. Fix the traffic issues first and the if there are load time issue fix those. Load time is a study to be done and yes if it's a matter of 20 seconds versus 10 seconds then that's a issue but normally its only a 2 to 3 second difference...not sure if enough studies have been done by a legitimate researching company to compare bounce rates.....this cannot be done by one internet marketer looking at 1 or 2 sites and then making a defining judgement.....doesn't work that way.
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