Anybody have any comments of "FB Magic Bar" ? (FAUX facebook notification bar)

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I see that it is making some waves - But I don't see any reviews here.


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    They call it "sneaky" but I think it's "pushy" if you set it to take people away from the blog post 30 seconds after they just started reading it.

    If they haven't even finished reading the blog in 30 seconds, they might not like being sent to a squeeze page or sales page before they even have a chance to decide whether they want what you're telling them to buy right now.

    It might work better if was on the ad and set to take them to the blog post for more information and then if they want it, they can figure out how to click the buy button without being pushed to go there when they hear that sound go off in 30 seconds. You can set it for 60 or 90 seconds but they might be gone by then.

    I think this would be better if it worked like an exit page because there's no guessing when they're going to leave. Then It could be used to take them to more helpful information or squeeze page asking for their email and phone number to send them more later.. Leaving means they don't have enough information to make an informed decision or they just don't want it.

    If you don't know if they want it or not, how do you know when and where to send them? Whether it's "sneaky" or "pushy" I make sure they get something free with value so they don't feel bamboozled either way.

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