Anyone ever heard of Fresh Store Builder

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For Amazon.

It's $97 to join which is not a big deal.
They will host the store for you for $14 a month and more stores will of course charge you more.

I'm just wondering if it is good or if there are better alternatives.

Thanks in advance
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      Originally Posted by shagmiser View Post

      I just saw this post, and even though there are some alternatives, FSB is probably one of the best out there for both quality and price, especially since they've recently released FSB 2.0 and their new product bundle package called Fresh Bundle Master. It really is worthwhile checking out.
      Coming from someone who joined in 2007 and only has 7 posts the last one of which was in 2011 - ha! Ten bucks says shagmiser is someone from the FSB team who just wanted to give this thread a bump.

      You may have updated the product but it is still the same crappy team behind it.
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    For anyone who doesn't understand my previous post, see the attached photo. Obviously Shagmiser (Carey) came back and removed it because it was such an obvious attempt at bumping up this thread with a bogus positive review.
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