WordPress Membership-Plugins: Help Me Choose.

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I would like to get feedback from IMers who have experience with running WordPress Membership Plugins.

Please Help by recommending a plugin that will meet my needs.

The main website will be powered by a Genesis WP theme from Copyblogger.

Currently, I do not have much experience or technical knowledge in HTML etc, and even though I am studying a web design program I want to be able to easily teach others to help me maintain the site.

I prefer a paid plugin because it will provide ongoing support and updates.

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How many years have you been working with membership sites?

How long have you used the plugin you're recommending?
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My current needs/requirements:

  • comprehensive - I do not want to use more separate plugins than necessary
  • security, including database security
  • must be easy to install and work with for a non-technical oriented user (ME)
  • provide multiple levels of membership
  • easily integrates with autoresponder 'Mailchimp or Awebber'.
  • list management. ie. removing from autoresponder list, or move to a new list, once they signed up/purchased membership
  • integrates with payment options. I have not decided but likely using paypal
  • API (I am not sure exactly what this is - but I understand it has some importance)
  • my target audience is currently Canadian. Likely expand to Austrailia, Europe in future. If this makes any difference I am not sure.

If there are any other important details that I should consider please include your thoughts and ideas.

I really appreciate everybody who takes time from your busy day to help me out with choosing a plugin that will meet my site needs.
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    I've tried about 12 paid and a few free plugins and never found one that I was happy with...

    Eventually I went with a stand-alone membership software. It's kinda pricey but it does everything I want and more...

    Here is the one I use today ~> FusionHQ Internet Business Platform

    I've been using them for about 18 months or so and I love it!

    Good luck.


    P.S. I think they do have a WP plugin that works with their system, for what it's worth.
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    Originally Posted by Rocky Mountain Dude View Post

    • security, including database security
    By using a WP membership plugin, you're putting all your customer's names, emails and more in your WP database. And although that WP membership database might be secure, it's only as secure as the crappiest plugin on your website.

    If you're running a WP plugin that can easily be compromised, then everything gets compromised in your database....WP membership database included. And personally speaking, I really don't want to have that conversation with my customers. "Yeah...my database got compromised...so now you're compromised because of a crappy 3rd party plugin that was exploited."

    Then come the speed issues. The minute I install any membership plugin, I start seeing slowdowns that affect my front end sales.

    That's why I stopped using a plugin to manage my memberships, products and sales years ago. My WordPress website's sole role is to remain fast, sell on the frontend and bring traffic. I don't want it managing a membership site as well.

    EDIT: It's nice to see I'm not alone in Coby's response. He's using FusionHQ, I'm using Nanacast. There's also 1ShoppingCart, Zaxaa, Ultracart, Shopify and a host of other 3rd party solutions that can properly manage sales/affiliates, deliver memberships/products and secure your sensitive customer data.

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  • WOW, some great responses here. Lots of information that I will research over the next few weeks as I prepare to get my site going.

    Thanks very much for these replies. Any other suggestions, or info, will be greatly appreciated.

    no sig

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    • Profile picture of the author danits

      I'm using Wishlist Member plugin for a couple of years now and I think it's a great plugin.

      Overall, every plugin has benefits and also downsides, but it really depends on the features you need.

      Pretty much every plugin is lack of some features, but it's definitely important that the features you currently need exist.

      With the list you described, Wishlist covers it and they constantly keep adding new features and updates (there are many integrations with both Autoresponders and shopping carts).

      The API is important if you want to program other plugins and extensions for Wishlist, Wishlist themselves have many extensions for enhancing the membership site.

      Good luck
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  • Profile picture of the author John Ayling
    I have used Warrior Press - which is pretty good, but I now tend to use a very simple free plugin that simply locks posts and pages to Wordpress users.

    I use my license manager plugin to control content visibility for various license holders.

    Like Jesus Perez says - it's best to leave autoresponder functionality to the autoresponder.

    Have heard some very good things lately too about Wishlist.
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    I still think the best WP Membership plugin is MemberMouse. Their support and tutorials for "newbies" definitely fits what you are looking for…

    The other good news is you can start for $20…

    Yeah, it's $20/month…but that business model allows them to take care of their current customers and not have to always chase new customers just to stay in business. Plus it allows them to keep updating the plugin and improving it.

    Worth taking a look at…actually they have a 14-day trial, so you can give it a test run for 2 weeks before being charged.
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  • Profile picture of the author barbling
    I use Membership software - aMember Pro .

    I also simply use autoresponders as well to deliver monthly content.

    Works well.

    For a quickie, I use a FB group that is closed. Folks get access only when I get paid.
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  • Profile picture of the author InteliSoft
    Check this one WP Pro Membership - Best WordPress Membership Plugin . You will see many other membership plugin all are for managing membership in your site. But this one is not only for managing membership but also to boost up your sales through integrated MLR (Multi-Level Referral) system.
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    • Profile picture of the author OnlineStoreHelp
      After doing a ton of research, for wordpress, I think Digital Access Pass is the strongest. Not only have I been running a couple membership sites for over a year, I bought 5 years worth of updates, that is how much I think of it.

      Digital Access Pass (DAP) is an application that sits at the root of your domain,, and then a plugin that interacts with that application to secure your site. Has a learning curve but it would actually be a perfect match for what you are looking for.

      Interfaces with JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank, Xazaa, 1shopping cart, Stripe, Authorize.net PayPal Standard, Paypal Pro. They even have their own shopping cart now.

      Multipe member levels, upsells and downsells, dedicated affiliate program to handle affiliates as well as the ability to Drip content out as well as an integrate (though limited) autoresponder.

      Interfaces with aweber, getresponse, mailchimp, infusionsoft, ontraport and a ton of others. Add on top of it, walk through videos to show you how to set it all up.

      Now, that being said, Don't underestimate your ability to do a powerful membership site in Drupal...
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  • I used wishlist right now i'm trying optimize member pm me if you want fredback
    soon people... Relax...
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    s2member plugin will integrate in most paying sites easily. You can check that one.
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  • Profile picture of the author dicbo
    digital access pass (DAP) is probably the best one out there. I have been using it for quite a while. Tons of feature and one of the few plugin that fully sync with JVzoo.
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  • Profile picture of the author blackli0n
    I use DAP (and very happy) but definitely looking to switch over to MemberMouse or MemberPress or Paid Memberships PRO because of better user interface and ease-of-use setup as well as other helpful functionalities.
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    • Profile picture of the author Enfusia
      Go to WPMU and get there Membership plugin.

      They are the best in the business of plugins for WP period IMHO.

      Free eBook =>
      The Secret To Success In Any Business
      Yes, Any Business!
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    • Profile picture of the author 56villages
      @blackli0n You are absolutely right. I love everything Digital Access Pass or DAP does. But, it drives me crazy how the developers would spend so much time on functionality and very little time on user interface. That thing is ugly. Today, pretty much every wordpress membership plugin has a nice and friendly user interface. I'm not sure why DAP is lagging so much.

      I think it's because they assume their clients are tech people which is a huge mistake. Can't they learn from Apple. No matter how advanced one is, they still want beauty and a user friendly experience. I'm not a coder. However, I suppose it's a matter of css styling for DAP to have a nice, inviting and appealing user interface.

      Once they do so, the rest is history. They will grab a big market share. They will eat the competition's lunch. Because at the end of the day, they have a far superior membership plugin that does more than the other ones. It's too bad. I hope Ravi reads this.

      I'm sure the existing customers are not complaining. But rest assured that they subconsciously know the difference. They would jump with joy to see a new and slick user interface.
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  • Profile picture of the author nizamkhan
    You can check out SiteManPro, it's a stand-alone membership platform.

    - Nizam
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    • Profile picture of the author Rembo
      Being a techie myself I love what I'm reading here. A membership plugin (WP) something I'm in need of myself.

      Although I appreciate all the recommendations and advantages of each plugin; I'd love to read about the cons as well.

      So far DAP stands out from this thread. Besides the ugly interface, does it have any other disadvantages?
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      • Profile picture of the author OnlineStoreHelp
        Originally Posted by Rembo View Post

        Being a techie myself I love what I'm reading here. A membership plugin (WP) something I'm in need of myself.

        Although I appreciate all the recommendations and advantages of each plugin; I'd love to read about the cons as well.

        So far DAP stands out from this thread. Besides the ugly interface, does it have any other disadvantages?
        There is a slight learning curve with DAP (it is getting better though). You used to have to do everything via FTP but now if you are using wordpress, they have a plugin. Also, some of their short code stylings are a bit weak.
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      • Profile picture of the author 56villages
        Well if you are a techie Rembo, DAP might do it for you. The point is some people are into making money but not in giving the customer a unique experience. It should be the reverse. That's where the DAP developers need to step up. As I said, their product is really amazing on the technical side...

        Probably the very best in the market. In terms of drag and drop and a clean and appealing user interface, they have some work to do. Wishlist should have no reason to out compete them except that their marketing is strong and their user interface is sweet.
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  • Profile picture of the author ravijayagopal

    For those of you in this thread who wished DAP had a better interface, your wish is coming true in the new year (yes, I did read your comments, 56villages :-) )

    We're working on a big interface update that's coming out soon, along with more power features for existing users, and better usability.

    >>However, I suppose it's a matter of css styling for DAP to have a nice, inviting and appealing user interface. Once they do so, the rest is history. They will grab a big market share. They will eat the competition's lunch. Because at the end of the day, they have a far superior membership plugin that does more than the other ones<<

    Hoping to get to that "lunch" soon :-)


    - Veena & Ravi
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  • Profile picture of the author ravijayagopal
    And just to clarify, the interface that people are referring to here, is the DAP Admin interface.

    Your member's area is all WordPress (no DAP there) - so your content, your articles, your videos, etc - can all be as pretty as you want it to be, depending on the WordPress theme you choose and how you design your "look & feel". Your members will never see the DAP Admin interface - that's just for the DAP Admins only. Just FYI.

    - Ravi Jayagopal
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    • Profile picture of the author 56villages
      DAP would fit my need perfectly Darren. Because I need to install and secure a community forum (xenforo) for members only. Digital Access Pass is the only one that provides this kind of feature as far as I know. Honestly I can see DAP fitting everyone's needs. Ravi and Veena thought of every feature possible to make DAP an all around membership plugin. Now that Ravi says the user interface is getting a major facelift, I'm ready to buy and and say goodbye to Wishlist Member.
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  • Profile picture of the author MrJeff
    just use your membership plugin on a separate domain or a subdomin and make regular scheduled back ups and you should be just fine.
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  • Profile picture of the author Donald Truehart
    If DAP ever came out with a real unlimited Developer license I might give them a try, but as a developer thats a deal killer not having a real dev lic like other scripts. JMO
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  • Profile picture of the author ravijayagopal
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    • Profile picture of the author Sid Hale
      Well said, Ravi,

      Originally Posted by ravijayagopal View Post

      What you mention as "real" unlimited Developer license, is probably the most un-realistic licensing scheme in the world, perpetuated mostly by smart-but-sneaky marketers in the IM community who don't plan on being in business for long. So they sell you "developer's licenses", lifetime updates, lifetime support - anything they can promise to get you to pay more right now. Why do they care anyway when they won't be around for too long for you to collect on those promises?

      You will find very few real software products in the real world selling this kind of a license.
      Maybe Donald should go to Fiverr and get a custom developed solution to resell.

      ...and I hope he manages to get a good support agreement in the bargain - or is qualified to improve/maintain the platform, himself.

      Sid Hale
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    • Profile picture of the author BigFrank
      Originally Posted by studio500 View Post

      Saying that though, I see that once site memberships surpass 1000, the Membermouse monthly fee also rises to $39.95.

      Hmmmm, choices vs cost lol, what a pain!
      A few things to consider.

      1. The best always costs more.

      2. You need to look at the big picture. If you believe in what you are doing, bite the bullet start with the best product that will serve your needs 6 months or a year from now. There is nothing worse than changing horses, midstream.

      3. If you get locked into an inferior product because you thought the learning curve of something better was daunting, you will probably never make the switch at a later date and will always feel that you are using an inferior product. That's a terrible feeling that will always gnaw at you.

      4. Life is short. Go long!


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      • Profile picture of the author roblawrence
        Have you considered MemberPress? It's well coded and the developer is very responsive. That's what I usually recommend to my clients.
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    • Profile picture of the author xooscripts
      A good choice would be Users Ultra Pro. I've tried it for the past 3 months, so far so good, bearing in mind the cost and the feature it offers I'd say it's a good choice, the most important feature is the Profile Customizer, you can set different layout with different features to each membership packages easily.

      Users Ultra WordPress Plugin With Social Connections
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  • Profile picture of the author DIABL0
    I know several people using Paid Membership Pro. It's probably what I will try in the near future.

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      • Profile picture of the author BigFrank
        DAP. That's a no brainer!

        Cheers. - Frank
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