VIDEO SWIPER: A Unbiased and Transparent Review ( craigslist )

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First I have to say I am not getting any recognition or monetary value in posting this aside from telling it like it is and balancing out the negatives in the IM world.. People are so quick to post negative when angry.

but forget to also post when its positive.. unless of course if they get some sort of review copy or some other shill type of compensation.

I hate that!!!!

I paid hard cash for videoswiper

I have been meaning to write this review for a long time now and at first I had been hesitant since coming out with any successful strategies for some reason gets me paranoid.

But I felt obligated being that Jason and his team at Videoswiper run a very professional and VERY effective service with his videoswiper service. I am kind of glad to call this a secret weapon.

For those people that are not aware of videoswiper here is a video for an overview:

VideoSWIPER | Automated Video Submission Service - Video Submitter Software

In a nut shell videoswiper has allowed me to really leverage the power of videos as I now have built a private video blog network that brings alot of organic traffic to my sites. I use these sites in a few ways. Please do NOT ask me to show my sites or any specific strategies.. like I mentioned I am very paranoid as well as private and have learn my lesson revealing successful niches. I will paint a broader picture and hopes this will help some people sitting on the fence.

1.) I use them for adsense. ( can you believe it adsense still generates a good cashflow for me) for something basically on autopilot I have my network of videos sites that keep growing and creates this income for me. They have a wordpress video theme which is the one I use

WordPress Video Tube | Wordpress Video Plugin

but they have a bunch of other cool scripts but I have no experience with those.

2.) my main area is buying aged domains with a high trustflow and backlinks and I build out theme specific content using videoswiper and I let the sites build themselves out. I will use these sites and place a contextual link to my money sites and have had great success with very moderate competitive niches to rank my money sites.

I have read time and time again that this would not work and I have learn that when everyone starts to say one thing I must test the exact opposite. Videos as well as hangouts gets indexed very quickly and for long tail traffic.. its like a magnet.

The key to remember is these video sites build out themselves so after the initial work is done it curates these videos as well as create all unique content using its spinning engine.

I have a few hundred of these sites.. I use mainwp to keep track of them all. excellent btw but for another post.

there is a popular vendor on the warrior forum that is offering to build these types of Video silo sites as a service and his secret is using videoswiper. Sorry buddy

3.) I am in the lead gen space and use craigslist as a big part of my strategy to drive live calls to clients. one of the ways I leverage videoswiper is placing the url of each craigslist ad in the description so in a way it is backlinking the url.. NOT to show up in google organic search.. although it does frequently even if its short lived BUT more importantly it ranks my craigslist ads in the craigslist internal algorithm search.

so for my niche. commercial plumbers I have video silo sites niches out in seed keyword plumbers and all related videos.

I have discovered that most people when they arrive at craigslist they search using a specific keyword in search.

for example if you search for plumbers.. you will get related searches

one would think the way the searches come back would be in the order of dates posted.. but NOT true.. and Craigslist sees post urls that have backlinks as a ranking factor in its internal algo.. pretty cool

these 3 strategies have kept me busy and is doing very nicely..

there are some other ways I have been thinking of deploying this service but have not tested these yet.

now that is on the marketers side now lets talk about that secret no one speak of until they need it.


All the WSO's all focus on low price low price low price.. and this is not as important as a fair price to maintain the product and offer support. how many products have a 3 to 6 month shelf life where the developer abandons the software.. only on the internet do vendors get away with this and go and launch another product.. promising the world.. only to court you thru that honeymoon period of refunds.

I could name many vendors that fit this model so coming across Jason and the way he does business came as a surprise because even after the honeymoon he still cares about his customers.

Support is first class.

I have been a war room member for alot of years and I have seen them all..

anyway.. just my 2 cents and I would recommend this without any hesitation.

Saludos from costa rica
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    Thanks, for that review. Do you know what this means (from the pricing page)?

    "Websites You Can Connect"

    Keith Price

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    this means how many sites you can connect the service to at any one time .. for example in the smaller plans you are building lets say 3 sites and you use to the service to build out those sites over time.. you can stop and connect to other sites.. I have the unlimited package.. so I don't have to worry about this..

    I just want to publicly add that this is by no way some quick throw up a bunch of sites and blast them with videos and make tons of cash..

    Skunkworks: noun. informal.

    A clandestine group operating without any external intervention or oversight. Such groups achieve significant breakthroughs rarely discussed in public because they operate "outside the box".

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    So, I guess where I'm confused is this: If this tool sends video links to a bunch of video sharing sites, why is there a limit to websites? What do websites/blogs have to do with it?

    Keith Price

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    does this thing still work in 2017 ?
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