Easy Push Button Traffic?

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Has anyone tried "Easy Push Button Traffic"? I know Willie Crawford is associated with it which makes me think it's probably a good product but I'd love to hear some results from anyone who has tried it before I punch the "Buy" button...

Cheers, Rich
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    Ditto. Input greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Rich, Allan

    It is a great service. Low price point. I am not going to repeat the sales page. Bottom line is it is very easy to use, and does what it says. I personally, have really only used the video portion. The rest I just did a test here and there.


    Kelvin Brown

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      Kelvin, does the video portion compare to something like Traffic Geyser? I've heard great things about it, but it is quite a bit more expensive...
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        Hi Rich

        I am a former user of TG. And it is a great product. However, as you noted it is a bit higher in cost.

        As for the service, yes, it compares favorably to TG.

        One of the big differences is that Eashy Push Button Traffic is in my opinion easier to use.

        It submits to fewer places than TG, but it submits only to top video services.


        Kelvin Brown

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