Ever thought of something out of the blue and then later on, it comes true? What about what if? jokes or discussions that suddenly turn to reality?

There was one time I made a joke about a friend of mine winning a raffle, and lo and behold, she did win!

For the famed American animated sitcom, The Simpsons, some of the things that appeared on their show as simply gags or the plot of an episode ended up coming true in later years. There are too many to mention, but here are some of them that the residents of Springfield predicted!

1) Not just an accessory on your wrist!

1995 - Lisa's future fiance was able to communicate using his watch.
2013 - The Samsung watch was featured during a talk show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

2) I shall call you Binky, and you shall be my Binky!

1990 - Bart managed to catch a three-eyed fish he named Binky, and it so happens Binky resides by the power plant his father works in.
2011 - The three-eyed fish was found near the Argentienean Nuclear Power Plant!

3) Did you mean duck?

1994 - Two of the school bullies in Simpsons took a memo to "Beat up Martin" which was then corrected to "Eat up Martin."
2011 - Apple was then motivated to create the iPhone. However, autocorrect has been a source of memes & funny posts to this day.

4) How about NO?


2008 - Homer Simpson's vote was automatically changed from Barack Obama to John McCain.
2012 - Similarly, the same happened for the 2012 US elections in which the vote was made to Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama.

5) Tomaycco, Tomahcco

1999 - Bart made use of a nuclear energy to create a hybrid of a tomato and tobacco and named it Tomacco.
2003 - Rob Baur ended up creating his own plant and grafted together a tobacco root and a tomato stem in order to make his own tomacco.

6) Neigh on the Horse Meat!

1994 - Remember Doris, the lunch lady, using assorted horse parts (with testicles even) in order to prepare the kids' meals?
2013 - Looks like a couple of known names have horse meat in their products...

7) Attack of the Tiger!

1993 - Simpsons is known to make parodies of celebrities, and Siegfried and Roy had been the guest stars of the episode $pringfield in which they were mauled by a white tiger.
2003 - Seems like only one of the two was attacked during a live performance but Roy Horn managed to survive despite having severe wounds.

8) Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner...

1991 - Ringo takes the time to reply to his fans one by one, taking into consideration how they took the time to write to him and he doesn't care if it would take him 20 more years to reply to each one.
2013 - Paul McCartney from the Beatles responds to a fan from a letter dated 50 years ago.

9) There was a farmer who had a dog--

1998 - Yard Work Simulator was featured in Simpsons in which the Springfield kids got a kick out of it!
2009 - Ever played FarmVille? It's not just popular for kids back in the day.

10) Place your bets!

2010 - MIT Prof. Holmström was the one Milhouse bet on who would win the Nobel Prize.
2016 - Seems like the Van Houten child won the betting pool-- better late than never though...

11) Shard I keep on chasing rainbows...

1995 - A silhouette of a skyscraper resembling The Shard appeared in the episode of "Lisa's Wedding" during her trip to London.
2000 - Construction of the controversial tower began and was even named the World's Best New Skyscraper!

12) A Censored Masterpiece

1990 - Marge began a protest towards the studio behind the Itchy and Scratchy show, this turned out to be a success until Michelangelo's the Staue of David comes into play.
2016 - A resident objected to the nudity of a copy of the masterpiece, which then began a poll for citizens to vote on whether or not David should cover up.

13) I’m still a rockstar!

2002 - One episode in the 14th season of The Simpsons had Mick and Keith giving Homer a jacket with the words "Guitar Hero" designed on the back.
2005 - The game "Guitar Hero" hit the stores and has been quite popular among various gamers.


1991 - Homer Simpson had a dream wherein he is in the Land of Chocolate while in a meeting in real life.
2013 - Shanghai opened a theme park called "Chocolate Land" - where pretty much a lot of things were made from the sweet delicacy.

15) Hopelessly devoted to theft---

1998 - In episode 1 of the 10th season, Homer Simpson ended up stealing used cooking grease in order to earn some cash.
2013 - Some people followed the idea of Homer Simpson to make a quick profit by thieving the same item the donut-loving father stole in the cartoon!

There are many more that the people involved in the sitcom have shown and ended up becoming a reality, including Lady Gaga's performance for the Super Bowl! What we can pick up from this article is how some ideas can inspire others to make a fictional idea turn into reality, or make something out of another. Of course, it also goes to show how some ideas can also be bad, and how some are just pretty much a WOW IT HAPPENED moment.