Email marketing funnels help marketers win customers at every stage of their purchase process; from lead generation to customer retention, funnels are crucial in achieving your marketing goals.

Here’s a six-step strategy to get you started.

Select an email marketing platform

Firstly, select an email platform for your funnel. Make sure the platform you choose has email automation features. It should also be able to automatically create email sequences for you (a must in 2022), an intuitive interface, and optionally, free templates to use.

Create email signup forms

This is how you’re collecting email addresses to build a subscriber list. To get started, provide incentives for people to sign up. This could be a product discount, or free shipping, or free 1 month subscription. Bear in mind that your forms should be simple with only a few necessary steps, and avoid long and complicated registration forms.

Send a welcome email

As soon as someone subscribes, send a welcome email! It’s what they’d expect after signing up, right? Welcome your new subscribers, and thank them for signing up. The welcome email should contain an introduction to your brand, and your products and services. You can also include in the welcome email whatever discount or incentive you promised prior to signing up.

Follow through with educational emails

Now that you have a steady stream of customers, you need to nurture these leads and send out educational emails. You can send 2-3 emails to create an interest in your products and services, or send informative content that highlights your USP. As usual, don’t forget your CTA.

Convert your leads

Once you’ve sent educational emails, encourage your leads to make a purchase. For example, early birds and first movers should have incentives and discounts when they immediately purchase using a link provided on your email. You can also create a sense of urgency by making a limited-time offer, or making it limited to the first x number of signups. Choose wisely.

Retain your customers

Your funnel doesn’t end at a purchase; in fact you can retain customers and continue with more future purchases. Loyal, repeat customers are more profitable in the long run, so always send emails to existing customers a few days after their previous purchase. You can also retarget them with offers or discounts exclusive for them.