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  • 4 underutilised SEO research approaches to explore

    WarriorForum.com | 8 weeks ago

    SEO is so turbulent, with tons of algorithm updates, and pretty much lots of uncertainty and anxiety about the path moving forward. And now's the time to put these seldom-used SEO research approaches. Competitor content gap analysis While many businesses analyze competitor keywords, fewer delve into identifying content gaps. By comparing your content to competitors' and identifying topics they cover but you don't, you can uncover valuable opportunities to create new content that fills those gaps and attracts relevant traffic. Semantic keyword research Rather than solely focusing on exact match keywords, delve into semantic keyword research. This involves identifying ...

  • Making the case for paid vs organic social media

    WarriorForum.com | 1 year ago

    Businesses now use social media as an essential tool for communicating with customers, increasing brand awareness, and encouraging participation in the digital age. Paid and organic methods are the main tactics used by corporations to take advantage of social media. Every strategy has its own advantages and factors to take into account, thus it is crucial for organisations to understand how they differ and how to properly align these plans. Understanding paid social media Cost analysis Paid social media involves expenses, including creating ads, allocating campaign budgets, and securing ad placements. While this may demand a financial investment, it ...

  • 4 quick steps for building a website that's always optimised for page speeds and mobile devices

    WarriorForum.com | 1 year ago

    Creating websites can sometimes be a hit-and-miss thing, especially for beginners. You'd want a website that has fast page load speeds, as well as mobile optimisation to make sure you're reaching mobile-inclined audiences. Here are a couple of things you need to understand. Create a website and content plan Create a clear plan before delving into the technical details. Establish your website's goals, identify your target market, and sketch out its content strategy. Maintain a simple, clutter-free layout while putting an emphasis on intuitive navigation. Pick a mobile-responsie design A lot website builders have responsive web design frameworks or ...

  • 6 email marketing mistakes that affect your stats

    WarriorForum.com | 1 year ago

    Marketers have lots in their plate; social media, paid search, content marketing, and of course email marketing. That being said, email marketing still remains one of the most effective and proven marketing channels for reaching out because it builds a direct relationship to your customers. But, just because it's effective doesn't mean the stats have good open, click, and conversion rates. Here's why you might be doing wrong. Neglecting mobile-friendliness It's already 2023, and everyone's glued to their phones. If your emails look wonky on mobile devices, you're asking for an "unsubscribe" party. Make those emails responsive so they're ...

  • What's the correct image size for your social media assets?

    WarriorForum.com | 1 year ago

    Everyone knows social media is an important tool for influencing how brands function and how they engage with customers in the present linked digital environment. It has a crucial role in establishing brand recognition, broadening the audience, influencing consumer behaviour, and shaping perceptions of the brand. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are powerful because they enable direct communication between brands and their target audiences, overcoming geographical barriers and promoting instantaneous conversations. Of course it's important to emphasize the importance of using images, and the correct image size for each social media platform. I mean, you can't possibly use ...

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