Launch Tree Live - Anyone Going?

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Mike Filsaimes and Aniks Launch Tree Live seminar this month in Vegas...

Is anyone going? I can't wait, looks to be an awesome 3 days!

I was just wondering if anyone is going alone and would be interested in possibly sharing a room, here's why...

I'm only 18 and because you have to be 21 in the US I can't actually check into my own room at the hotel (the M resort) which really sucks.

Anyway, shoot me a PM if you're going, would be cool to meet up another Warrior and I'd really appreciate it since I'm pretty much screwed otherwise.. (already booked the flight from the UK lol)

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    Hey George,

    Me and my business partner wanted to go to Launch Tree Live as well. Unfortunately I won't be going because of:

    - I'm under-21 which sucks. You can't drink or do pretty much anything Vegas-style there.

    - Swine flu H1N1.

    - College.

    Damn. I wish I could go.
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  • Damn man that sucks... Yeah I'll have to go without the drinking and gambling, the seminar's looking awful good though
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  • Anyone? Common guys, I really wanna go!
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