Dutch Internet Marketers let's network

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I'm sure there are other IM'ers from the Netherlands in this forum and it would be great to network with you.

I think about meeting both online and offline meetings.
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    Sounds good to network, I'm based in the UK though but would love to network online.

    PM if you are interested!
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    Hello Walter,

    I'm interested. I'm Living in Arnhem, it's no problem to visit Rotterdam.

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    Hey guys,

    I will be in Amsterdam Jun 11-20, 2010.

    Anybody up for a (local!) beer?

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      Hey straight out of Rotterdam myself so lets meet and talk a bit about what your into right now and what your plans are for th future.

      Maybe we can work together.
      The Action Taker
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        Rotterdam zou geen probleem voor mij zijn.

        Het zou relax zijn om met andere nederlanders over IM te praten.
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    hey, leuk idee!
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    heel goed idee
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    So what is now the proposition. Do we create specific threads on for example:

    How to find a (cheap) Dutch article writer
    How to spin a Dutch article
    Which Dutch Press Services to use
    How to use services from other Dutch warrior members (If for example somebody offers a SeNuke, Bookdeamon, ... service but with that extra Dutch touch, I am interested)

    I like networking but I also want to know where I can find added value for my business
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    ik weet dat er een paar wf voor de nederlanders groupen hier zijn
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