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Cegonsoft is a way proud to mention that the Job oriented IT Training is inclusive of platforms that have wider scope in the prevailing and forthcoming IT Job Market. These platforms are picked after a thorough research and analysis based upon the existing and prospective IT industry in mind and Training Cum Placement Assurance.

PHP is a computer scripting language, originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. It is for server-side scripting, but can be used from a command line interface or in standalone graphical applications.

Benefits of PHP.....

  • Easy to Code Programs
  • Open source Technology
  • Tremendous Opening in IT Company
  • Suitable in All Operating System
  • Easy made web Application
  • Flexible Server.
  • High Processing Speed
  • Huge Data storage by MySQL
CEGONSOFT provides you the distinction is to a large extent, subjective. Here are a few characteristics often noted as descriptive of PHP:
  • Latest Versions of PHP 5.3 are handled here
· PHP & MySQL being an open source code
· Giants including Yahoo, Google, naukri.com etc have started applying PHP& MySQL in practice.
· Governments are also interested in open source codes like PHP as it is a major part of their cost-cutting strategies,
· In addition open source like PHP Plays great role during hard economies.
· The IT backbones of India like Wipro, HCL, Satyam etc. have brought PHP/MYSQL application in existence to curtail unwanted expenses.

· AJAX in PHP makes application more faster and interactive.
· AJAX in PHP Reduces Network Traffic
· AJAX in PHP Increases Speed
· AJAX in PHP Increases Response Time

For any further clarifications, feel free to contact us:

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