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hey whats up?

tell a bit about yourself, where you from, what you are doing in IM, facebook etc

about me, my name is Raja Kamil, sometimes people called me RK,
I'm blogging and still wondering with real business.
i made some money online, but still not satisfied...oh yeah. haha.

I live near KL, Ulu Yam if you have heard about it.

I'm thinking, if we have 3 to 5 people that can sit together, chit chating here and there, jv maybe and so on.

anyway, my fb is /rajakamil, friend me

till then, see ya

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    ahh cool ! I'm from KL
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    if you wondering for some financial problem then its faithfull for you.
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    I'm from kl too, i think you know me on WC
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    Hey RK and everybody here

    I'm from Ampang, Selangor. Have been in IM for the past 2 years. Was just absorbing information then. Tried a few online models here and there. Made a little profit from them.

    In Dec 2011, place quite a large investment. So would be stupid of me to not take things seriously now Looking to get together with some of you guys here. Chat things up. Would love to chip in and share my knowledge with all of you.

    Hit me back...
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    hey guys! i am from kl, stay near klcc. making money online I am but not the amount I desire! offline doing great. would be good to meet up
    http://twitter.com/IMManiaq - real FREE tips to make money online
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    Hello to everyone from Malaysia. I'm from KL, near Mid Valley. Doing good offline and thinking of ways to get my offline business onto online.

    RK, my dad brings me to Ulu Yam to collect fresh spring water and eat yummy noodles for day trips. Love that place.
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    Hey I'm from Malaysia, also staying near Midvalley...I've had some success doing offline consultation as well. Now in the process of taking it to the next step: Product Creation.

    Let's Hook up and see how can stir up something BIG here, and show what Malaysians are made of! hehe
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    looks like most of you here already have an offline business going on... thats great! hey RK, i've been checking out your FB, and see that you're actively involved in WC (wangcyber)... me first time hearing about WC, looking forward to knowing more about you guys.

    btw, i think i'll get the ball rolling by saying that:
    - I'm free on weekends.
    - Anywhere around KL is fine for me to meetup.

    What about u guys?
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    Great to know local WForumers here If anyone is up for a gathering do let me know!

    Weekends are good for me too. Btw WC = wangcyber
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    hey everybody, what do u guys think about making the meetup a month from now? any takers...?
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      Hi everyone.

      Nice to meet u here..

      i'm from malaysia too. based from my lovely town, kota bharu..

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    hey everyone okay?

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    I'm in bro Goliath
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    Awesome Jay! Anybody else coming on board?

    Like Raja Kamil said, lets just hang out and have some teh tarik man... Lol!

    We'll share some ideas, experiences, both good and bad, and of course, jokes

    Who knows what value can come out of this... maybe finally building that online business that's gonna jumpstart EVERYTHING.

    Really looking forward to meeting each and every one of ya.

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    Hey guys,

    I have a plan.

    As you guys might have heard me mentioning this before, in December 2011, I made quite a large investment in an IM course by one of the top marketers around. He gives a straight forward, no BS, plan of action for all of the students to follow through (including me!). So that's why, now... I have a plan!

    And using my bare minimum common and sense and little knowledge i have about IM , I'm pretty sure the plan works. Why? Because it's the simple truth. I'm also pretty sure you guys already know what works and what doesn't. Most plans do work. And I'm sure you would agree with me in saying that it boils down to consistency, tracking of progress, and the ability to refine and re-tune our course of action.

    So with that being said, let me cut straight to the chase...

    The business model is based on affiliate marketing, since this is the easiest to start off with and make a ton of profit. I don't want to reveal too much here as i did pay a fortune to get this course. I'm looking for 3 people first (possibly from KL / Selangor side). Including me, the team would be made up of 4 people. Depending on the first meet-up, we will then decide if more people are needed. I would say a little knowledge about article marketing and list building is required. Additional training will be provided. Splitting of the cost and profit would be discussed during meet-up. All budgeting has been laid out accordingly. Honestly guys, i think this is not too much to ask for in terms of capital and expertise. A little bit steep for a single guy to execute, but 4 people, should be a piece of cake! Besides profiting, i take this to be a chance for all of us to improve on our skills as we will be teaching and learning from each other as well.

    Btw, i'm from Ampang, Selangor.

    This project is a means to an end. Meaning that it can only go so far but definitely a 5 figure business non the less. However, i do have a future plan in place which is sort of a 2nd level to the same model, which i presume to be a 6 figure deal. You guys are gladly invited to get in on this proposition as well, if you want to continue of course.

    So, if you think you're interested in joining me in building a team, please shout out in this thread. The faster we team up, the sooner it will be for us to start profiting! I believe everybody deserves a big break. Lets make it this year!

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    Anybody else interested in the above? I'm looking for 1 or 2 more peeps...
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      Originally Posted by Goliath View Post

      Anybody else interested in the above? I'm looking for 1 or 2 more peeps...
      I don't mind trying bro, got 5 years on SEO and other marketing (including offline).
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    Hi.. I am nimosy, from Kota bharu but stay at selangor, shah alam
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    Ken from PJ . Been in IM close to a decade.

    Free advertising for your services - beam.biz

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    Hi, Do you still have a mastermind group(in KL/Singapore) that I can join?
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      Originally Posted by weiliamhoo View Post

      Hi, Do you still have a mastermind group(in KL/Singapore) that I can join?
      <--------- Skype me
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    Hi, I'm from Batu Pahat, Johor. Nice meeting you guys here. Just a newbie walking around, love to get assistant from you guys out there
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    Hi guys, nice to meet you all..
    I'm from Perak and just started internet marketing for a few months...
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    Hey Malaysian Warriors

    Greetings from KL, Bangsar South, I am a full time internet marketer and we have masterminds every 2 weeks, how about if we think of a way to combine or just get together and share ideas.


    Coo-founder of The Wireless Income


    Why Wireless Income?


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    Guys, if anybody is keen to share knowledge on CPA in Malaysia - let me know !
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    I am from KL too. Interested to join a mastermind in KL.
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