The next London Lunch is 25th May...

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Book a date in your diary for the next London Lunch. Friday 25th
May is the day and the time, as always, is 12.30.

There is unlikely to be a London Lunch in the summer because the
Olympics will make it logistically difficult, so the May 25th one
is probably the last until September. All the more reason to make
sure you book a place quickly to avoid disappointment!

The format is the same as always - arrive at 12.30 for an hour of
pre-lunch networking, enjoy a relaxed 3-course meal, with your
first drink at the table included, then continue chatting and
networking for as long as your fancy takes you!

Although some people who travel long distance have to leave late
afternoon, others will carry on the fun until 8 or 9pm - and

The London Lunch is not a workshop or seminar - we do not have
any presentations or pitching. The whole purpose is to meet new
people, make new friends, catch up with old friends, learn from
each other and maybe do the odd JV along the way! It is a safe,
friendly, comfortable environment where everyone is welcome from
the complete beginner right up to the Internet marketing

Here are a few comments from people who came to the last one:

From Karl Warren:

"I've been to networking breakfasts and referral exchanges in the
past, non-IM, and always got a lot out of them. I'd kept
promising myself I'd do the same now I'm working online but never
got round to it.

Martin is a good client of mine, so when I got an invitation to
come to the London Lunch this Friday (30th March) I wasn't going
to wait to be asked twice.

The setting and the meal were fantastic - the atmosphere, relaxed
and welcoming. Martin is a great host, and you'll feel at home as
soon as you step into the bar.

You will learn more in 4 hours, chatting in the bar with people
who share the same goals, than you ever will trawling a forum.
Everybody had something to share, and one tip I got from an
attendee will pay for the train ticket AND the London Lunch many
times over. My only regret was that I didn't have enough time to
speak to everyone...

But, there's always next time. I'll be at the next one, and the
one after... and the one after that."

From Michael Wilding:

"London Lunches have been the best marketing events I have been
to. Not only are they relaxed and informal but the no pitch
atmosphere makes for a great day of sharing ideas and tactics. It
is a great way to meet other marketers who have a wealth of
knowledge and experience, as well as make new friends. I can't
recommend it highly enough and am looking forward to the future

From Ian Jackson:

"I went to the London Lunch on Friday - my first visit.

I've been to one or two of the big seminars since 2005; hosted by
Derek Gehl & David Cavanagh; the 500+ events that whilst they
were a free education for me, are fundamentally 'pitch fests'.

Martin's Lunches are the polar opposite; far fewer people in a
far more intimate atmosphere, getting together in the Strand
Palace Hotel (great food) to discuss IM. I learned at least as
much as I did at those larger events I attended, AND I'm not so
much a Newbie anymore either! Because this is a discussion-event,
not a pitch fest, there is far more opportunity to learn from
people who've walked the walk. Take your notepad.

It was an amazing experience, meeting new people of all levels of
experience - not to mention meeting a couple of 'name' guests
too; Sarah Staar and Christine Clayfield, not forgetting Martin
himself of course! It's so much harder to get close to such
people at massive pitch fests. Christine, Sarah, Martin et al,
give their time and talk to everyone.

Was it worth the small investment? Will I go again? You bet!"

There are lots more testimonials like those ones, but space is

There is a strict limit on numbers because the private room we
use for lunch at the hotel is of finite size, so to make sure you
get a place at the premier UK Internet marketing networking day,
please PM me for details.

Best wishes,

Martin Avis
London Lunch
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