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Hey guys,

I'm kicking off a mastermind group in Sydney with the intention of getting together a small (maybe 5-8) group of people, small business owners (or hoping to be!), to support and challenge each other to grow their businesses.
No bull, no 'methods', full honesty.
I'm hoping to find people interested in meeting weekly or fortnightly and really knuckling down and collaborating for success.

Email me at scottiepaton at gmail dot com, hope to hear from you!
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    Hi Scottie,

    Have anyone contacted you?
    I'm looking forward to meet some business-thinking people like you.

    Folks, if anyone is eager to talk about some Europe-Australia opportunities - don't hesitate. I'm leaving in Europe currently and moving to Australia soon.

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    I am in Canberra so wondering if you would host the group on Skype with maybe the occasional meeting in Sydney or if you were more looking for people in the area. Feel free to PM me if you would be willing to have a Skype or even telephone chat. Would love to connect with another business owner in the area.

    I own a small writing company that takes the time to make sure you are pleased with your end product visit my site at http://www.ebookwritingservices.org for more details.

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    Hi i'm in Sydney and would love to join a group like this.

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    Hi Scottie, I live in Sydney, and I've been learning internet marketing on and off for quite a while. I have recently decided to focus on affiliate marketing, probably focus on promoting Amazon products. I'd love to join your group and connect with others to have more ideas.
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    Guys, I think we should reactivate this brilliant idea.

    Sorry I took me some time to respond,
    but that darnnn PR visa take some time
    to achieve and I like to do things step by step.
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    so this thread looks really old... did the Sydney mastermind group ever take off ??
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    I'm not aware of that.
    Jumped to the other thread.
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