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Hello there!

It's finally here...

"Believe the hype" as you know they say...

I have wanted to do this for a long time but I haven't had the time...

But finally I am making this a reality, for you and me, and everyone else involved...

We're currently 15 members and I am hoping we can become more...

Now, I want to point out 3 important things to you before you join this group:

1. I am Swedish so I have GMT/UTC+1 timezone and I have Swedish accent when I speak English but I hope you will get used to it! ;-)

2. I get the sense that some people here are gathering people to Mastermind groups in order to sell stuff which I just find literally immoral which is just hurting the internet industry more than helping it to grow and becoming a trustworthy marketplace just like the physical marketplace.

Therefore, I will NEVER EVER TRY TO SELL ANYTHING TO YOU. I want to sell to customers and my niche isn't newcomers in internet marketing yet because, I, myself, are a newcomer, so it wouldn't make sense, would it?

3. When I speak I will come off as a "guru", or "know-it-all" at sometimes and this is intentional as I am practicing to become a leader in the niches I will be marketing in and I also encourage you to also start talking like a leader in your niche(s) you will be working with.

However, even though, we will sound like and act like leaders. I also vision this group as a second family. You see, my real family wants me to do what everyone else is doing; "get a regular job!"

But I envision a future where I am making tons of cash by helping tons of people by giving them the tools, techniques and motivation to get the results they always wanted but have been too afraid and/or incompetence to reach for.

As a "family" we should have total transparency (don't try to show off an e-dick you clearly don't have), brutal honesty (constructive criticism) and most important of all; FUN! (haha, sounds like I am describing a girls all-night out?)

Finally, as a "family", we help, support, encourage each other and act as each others "accountability-buddies" as the made up word goes like...

I also have many, many exciting exercises we can do than just merely "discuss IM" or "networking" so we can skyrocket our progress and success in the internet marketing industry.

The simple idea behind these exercises are: PUSHING EACH OTHERS COMFORT ZONES!

All success is outside one's comfort zone.

When we're inside it, we're just where we were yesterday and maybe even tomorrow, you gotta get out of it!

And yes it is scary at first and that is why we're going to hold "internet hands" and get ourselves through the toughest challenge of them all: our own fears.

Just like the first fat cell is burned by taking the first step outside your home, the first penny you'll ever make online is by first clicking and joining this Mastermind group even though you are unsure, skeptical and/or afraid at first:

As the awesome and hilariously funny Saturday Night Live song goes,

"[Y]ou [O]nly [L]ive [O]nce, Don't let it go to waste!"

I'm EXCITIGNLY looking forward for you to join the Global Mastermind Group and change your and all your upcoming customers' lives forever, for good! ^^,

Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, Dear Warrior! / Max "MaxTheMarketer" K.
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    I just sent a request to join. My facebook profile picture is of a meme in the matrix :p

    ~ Hope to learn new things
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      Just sent FB request from Brandon
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    I am the blonde girl that just sent you a request Looks like it could be a cool group.
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    Not many takers on this offer. what is up?
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    sent you a request at FB

    Get your Brand mentions/Interviews in top magazines around the US & UK like Forbes, Harvard EDU, American Express, INC, Entrepreneur, LA weekly, and many more
    Email Me for more details and share your requirements.

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    Just asked to join the group. Looking forward to this!
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