German Warriors -Berlin?

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Hi Warriors,

so tell me, is anyone here from Berlin / Germany and interested in meeting up and sharing real ideas?

If there are several in Germany why not arrange a meetup for all of us in a City that is pretty close to us all?

We could do it like a Barcamp, everyone can reserve a spot (10min-20min) to hold a presentation over a topic that he is interested in.


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    Hey man,

    just moved to Berlin last month. Definitely interested in a meetup.

    Not familiar with barcamp but sounds cool.

    - Nick
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    Wow, welcome then! Which part exactly?

    Well, if we find like a few persons more that would be great, I am sure there is a lot to discuss!


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      Hey, I am a Berliner as well, just tried finding a internet marketinf group for berlin on facebook, would be glad to connect and exchange! how about opening a facebook group?
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    I am little bit more South -> Austria ;-)
    But we all speak German this should help ..
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    • Great idea, sounds interesting ;-)

      There's a lot of questions / matters concerning the German market that aren't discussed here due to lack of interest by the US and international marketers. Would be great to exchange opinions and experiences.

      So please add me to your list ;-)

      Thanks for the starting the thread.

      kind regards,
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        Sounds interesting!

        I`m here in Vienna and it would be great to connect to german speaking (germany, austria, swiss) people to mastermind on the german market as well as international.

        so please add me to your list...

        best wishes!
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    austria too

    best regards
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      Hi everyone,

      I just found this thread looking for mastermind groups in Germany. I'm an internet marketer from Hamburg and am looking for similar-minded people to share best practices, brainstorm, bounce off ideas, etc.

      I'd be particularly interested in sharing with people who are creating and selling their own info products, or SaaS applications. Anything else like SEO, SEM, affiliate, etc. also welcome.

      Please let me know if you are interested in creating a German-speaking mastermind group!
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    Hi BK,
    I am from Hamburg and would love to meet other German warriors. Did you already meet up with others?
    Are there others from Hamburg who would like to meet and talk?
    What happened so far?
    Thank you for a reply!
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    Hi,I would love to meet in Berlin,add me to your list, I´m from Berlin
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    Hey guys - Im in Berlin, too. Got a small Office here! Im down for any meetings

    Crush it in CPA with WebScale Coaching

    Or just get the latest updates - Follow my Facebook Page

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    Hello you guys,

    Does anyone know the rules when setting up squeeze pages/opt-in pages here in Germany??? I mean do they have to have an impressum as well, or is it enough to have all the required info in the follow up email once people sign up? My pages will be in english though, and most probably have a .com domain, but given that I am legally living in Germany, I wonder how it all works here though.

    Any thoughts?

    I thank you all in advance, cheers!
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    Hey Guys!

    I am from Vienna/Austria! Is there already a FB group or some meetings?
    Please let me know. I am really interested...
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    Experienced Affiliate Marketer from Vienna here. Hit me up if you are interested to talk
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    It took so long to get responses, I did not look at the thread for too long.

    Anyway, up again now, let's connect!
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    Hi everyone,

    I am from Germany / Berlin. Since summer I am working on creating my coaching practice, using Internet marketing as the main source to attract clients.
    I have no prior experience in online marketing so I am pretty new to all of this.
    Right now, I am working my way through Michael Ports "Book yourself solid" Method.
    So I hope to be able to publish my first freebook by the end of the year to increase subscription, I started video blogging to create free content and increase trust with my audience, etc.

    I would love to connect with some experienced online marketing guys.
    What I bring to the table is my experience as a life coach. So if one of you has an emotional struggle with their business, or having a hard time with creating balance with their business and all the other areas of their life, I am super happy to help.
    I would love to give life coaching and receive feedback and advise in terms of my online marketing.

    I look forward to get in touch with you. I am new to the forum, so I don't know whether you can write me private messages - maybe you can't. But I think you should be able to click on my profile and go to my website. There you can find a contact form.

    Keep rocking the house!

    All the best,
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    im from Marburg in Germany

    YouTube to MP3 ? No Problem!

    Use the YouTube to MP3 Converter from

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    I am from Hamburg and would love to meet other German warriors
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      I am from Dortmund, would love to meet all webmaster guru
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    Thread is a little bit old right now but anyway!
    What about a warrior meeting somewhere for all german speaking warriors?
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    Hi all, bin auch dabei Nice to know that there are warriors from Berlin.
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    Hey guys,

    is the group already set-up / still working?
    I would be highly interested to join the group! I live in Mannheim, Germany!

    Please get in touch!!

    THX and best,
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