whenever you online will come Warrior forum?

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now I have this feeling ,

try not to come here often ....the more I see , view the more " information overload "

next also make you urge to buy some " stuffs "

like been " a stress " if I never come like less stressful a bit ..weird lol
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    I feel like I'm reading an instruction manual for a Chinese chainsaw.
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    Just focus on one or two way to make money. Implement immediately after getting information.
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      The stress is self imposed.

      Most likely you have lost (or never had) any real focus. You have to be able to simply concentrate on doing one thing at a time and shut everything else out.

      Making money is simple if you take one step at a time. It's not easy in most cases . . . but it is simple . . . if you don't complicate it.

      Relax and enjoy the ride by just learning to do one thing well. Then you can move to the next thing. But trying to do everything at once, especially when you're starting out, it the recipe for quick burnout.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    try not to come here often
    I've mostly quit coming because the search is broken. The site's not very helpful anymore like that.

    ....the more I see , view the more " information overload "
    next also make you urge to buy some " stuffs "
    What you need to realize is that many of these "products" are just junk, and from people with zero actual real-world experience or education in marketing. What you get is just regurgitated BS that was found via Google.

    Not all, of course -- there's some smart folks here.

    You also get all sorts of opinions, from the clueless to the enlightened -- often all in the same post. If you don't know anything, you can have a hard to separating the good from the BS. So I understand the info overload.

    Just proceed slowly and carefully. Keep your purse/wallet closed more often than not. Any "do now or miss it" so-called "opportunities" should always be avoided.

    Good luck.
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    "Have you ever stumbled upon the acronym FOCUS?
    Finish One Course Until Successful, buddy."
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    And, I understand where you're going with this. When you come to a large forum such as Warrior, you might get information overload if you try to take it all in. If you experience this situation then just limit yourself to only reading topics that are relevant to your own business or what you need to know. Another thing, go over some of the older discussions here that have dozens of responses as most will contain page length answers which will contain nuggets of wisdom you won't find on the best blogs out there.
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