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I wasn't sure where to put this...but I would love some smart programmer forever if they could come up with a way to put our social group posts into an RSS feed so that we can keep contributing and seeing what others write!
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    Hi Sherice

    I put together a feed for the PLR Writing social group, doing some others now as well

    Work At Home Parents Social Group
    Warrior Work At Home Parents RSS Feed

    Writers Unite! Plr, Ghostwriting, etc. Social Group
    Warrior PLR Writing RSS Feed

    I can make more, or people can do the following:

    Go here: WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums

    Right-click on the name of the group you want to see a feed for and choose "copy link" or however your browser phrases it.

    Head over to here:
    Warrior PLR Writing Group Dapp

    On the right-hand side, you will see "Choose format" and a drop down. Click on the drop-down and choose "RSS feed" and click the "Go" button.

    Scroll down, input your WF username and password.

    Next, in the "Item Title" drop-down choose "group_author"
    Next, in the "Item text" section only checkmark "group_text"

    Click on "Set Input" (clicking on that will show/hide the input box) and paste in the Social group link that you copied from step 1.

    Click on the blue "update input" button.

    Scroll down you will see an orange RSS feed icon, clicking on this will bring you to your RSS feed. You can stop at this stage since you have your feed, or scroll down further to give your feed a custom name:

    Click on "Get a nice short URL"

    Leave the question about supplying input variables as "No".

    In the text box type a name, such as wf-social-fav or whatever you want.

    Click on "Save service" button. You will see a message "Your service's URL is ...... ". Click on that url will show you your RSS feed.

    Psst Shameless plug: I explain more about Dapper aaaaand... another site in my current wso. Gotta love feeds!!

    If you have any trouble with the above steps, or want help getting a feed made for a specific group, just shoot me a message.

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    Karen You are a Superstar I was just thinking about the RSS idea last week reading posts... You my dear are gonna have a little girl who is sooooooooooo proud of mummy! : )
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