Alright, officially pissed. Need solution fast.

by Aegon 14 replies
This is my 3rd thread on this, each time the situation is worse and worse. I made one 3 days ago, and 3 days before that. So here it is:

I'm trying to sell an affiliate program. I'm marketing it with mainly Article Marketing on EzineArticles and GoArticles, and secondarily with Yahoo SM.

Here is a link to a typical article so you can see both my program in the resource box, and how my article is laid out: Herbal Colonic Cleanse - Health Benefits

My articles get 35% CTR, and no that is not an exaggeration.

The problem? I just hit 2000 article clicks with 200 Yahoo SM clicks, and I HAVE NOT MADE ONE SALE.

What the hell is going on with this crap? I find it almost statistically impossible that 2200 people would click that link and not one actually buys the product, especially when traffic is targeted from the articles and Yahoo SM. Am I being scammed or something? This is a Commission Junction program...

Last time I asked it was 1500 clicks, before that 900. Now I KNOW there is a problem, hasn't anyone experienced this before?

This is the second program I tried where this has happened. I stopped the first one at 500 clicks and 0 sales. I decided with this one maybe I should wait a little longer, but this is ridiculous. I can't afford to keep this up much longer, honestly
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    Not every program is a winner.

    Sounds like it might be time to pick another product.

    Personally, If I sent 2,000 clicks to a vendors sales page and did not get a single sale...I would be looking for another program to promote.

    Don't get down about it. I don't think there is anyone here that has made a successful campaign out of every single product that they have tried to promote.
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      Here is my honest humble opinion.

      I wanted more than your article delivered.

      I read it and thought, Hmm! need more information.

      Clicked on the last link and the reading left to right..... brain

      I only saw the buy now link. I'm not ready to buy now, so I won't.
      I'll just click away and go do some more research.

      Now, how about your click link from the article goes to a page on your website that explains what's in the right hand page of the site you are promoting, then at the end of the explanation (copy and paste) you give them the link to the one you posted in the ezine article page as it is now. Maybe that would work better, as they would be pre qualified.

      As they say it's horses for courses.

      The idea is good, you just need to look at how it is delivered.

      Just at thought.

      Kindest regards,
      Janet Sawyer
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    Are your CJ stats showing clicks to the merchant?

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      Originally Posted by Art Turner View Post

      Are your CJ stats showing clicks to the merchant?

      Yea, all clicks are showing.

      Shitty product huh? I guess I'll switch...Hopefully third time is the charm. This huge waste of time on this program is unfortunate though. Very unfortunate...
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    You've explained the problem. But haven't given a clear solution, in that you've not described the benefits of your particular product. You should also have a strong call to action in your resource box, instead of "visit the manufacturer".
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    What method are you using to track the clicks? Is it via CJ? Is it via a seperate click tracker?

    If it's clicks at CJ, then there's a chance that you're getting some kind of bot clicks.

    Is it a direct link from article>cj or is it going through a site of yours where you can analyze the stats?

    Edit -

    OK it appears from the article that you're direct linking, therefore the clicks could be bot clicks - IE you might not be getting as many potential buyers clicking through as you think.

    Secondly, if you've posted about this three times in here, how many of those clicks were from warriors? This place is busy and has lots of lurkers looking for niches as well as people trying to solve your problem.

    Third - your call to action is really weak -

    You can visit the manufacturer below

    Roger Davis

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    The pitch page is poorly designed altogether, no call to action, no or very general information, poor navigation, all these are working against you.

    Especially with herbal and health products, most people just don't like to take risks.

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      I'd say pick a better niche and a better product.

      You can get a colon cleansing product in every health food store in the world.

      Find a product that has some kind of exclusivity and a product where the information you share pre-sells the uniqueness of the product.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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        I agree with everyone that you should pick a different product. Why don't you try a clickbank product with say a gravity between 70 and 100? Worked for me. Literally every single article that i wrote got me a sale. And I was steering traffic to a Squidoo lens.

        However, one thing to check - are you SURE your affiliate link is set up correctly? There's no way that you are losing out on sales?

        But I'd still say the product doesn't sound like a good one to promote.

        Don't get too discouraged. I have two adsense sites up; one of them does great, and one of them absolutely bombed. We all experiment until we get it right.
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          Took a quick look, didn't read all the responses, and I'm sure you got some good advice.

          I'm no article marketer, but you have NO call to action. "Visit the manufacturer."

          Make a suggestion, sell the benefits, offer reviews, talk about an urgent problem, something....get IN their faces.
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