How to promote Fiverr Gigs?

by Matt2k
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Hey warriors,

I have some gigs related to website content - PLR articles / Social gigs / website traffic ...,

I want to ask what is the best way to promote Fiver gigs? How to reach audience or what is "Must have" before promote gig.

Maby someone can share their experience.

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  • fiverr staffs promoting gigs manually.....

    you can use forums and your friends with free give aways
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      Thanks, have you promoted Fiverr gigs on Facebook Groups?
      - or better would be promoting directly to people...?
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    So.. your going to list on Fiverr.. who sends you no business.. then pay to promote somewhere else to drive business to Fiverr.. and pay THEM a commission for it.. on $4 in revenues.. and you guys wonder why your not getting anywhere in business.

    If you like my posts please leave a thanks and message me if you wish for me to follow up with your thread. I enjoy engaging with entrepreneurs and ALWAYS willing to take the time to offer solid answers that you can take to the bank. Internet marketing has made me rich over the last +20 years and this is how I give back to the community for all of those evil popunders I used to sling in the 90s.

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      Originally Posted by SuperKC View Post

      So.. your going to list on Fiverr.. who sends you no business.. then pay to promote somewhere else to drive business to Fiverr.. and pay THEM a commission for it.. on $4 in revenues.. and you guys wonder why your not getting anywhere in business.
      I disagree to that, if i have solid offer which may help people and i grow my account to level 1 or level 2 account then i think can make a lot more. At least its my strategy, but what i have experienced recently if i have my gig good review from buyer its so much easier to promote later.
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  • i am selling service with facebook ads... i am promoting my site.....
    also working with fiverr.....

    if you need any free course on facebook marketing pm me
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  • promoting on groups - it is not work... you need to send your add to targeted peoples news feed
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      It is best to place gigs on a site that actively promotes your gig. Some sites are now promoting gigs through software, apps and affiliate marketers. Some bundle your gigs into marketable business solution kits or packages.

      Fiverr just does too little, restricts Internet Marketers, too much and therefore, you shouldn't do them a favor by making them look good when they're all too ready to shut you down.
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        I used Fiverr a lot in the past and keep trying to use it, but am giving up on it. I don't think I'm alone, so that makes promoting gigs extra hard. Too many people on Fiverr:

        1. ...Offer a service for $5, but you don't get that service without an up-sell. Misleading advertising, yet Fiverr lets them get away with it, it seems.

        2. ...Have a US flag indicating they are in the US, but it is clear from their messages it's not true. To me, it is fine if someone wants to hire someone from Pakistan or somewhere, but I don't like them trying to fool me by misidentifying their location. Fiverr management doesn''t seem to care if sellers are truthful or not.

        3. ...Are down-right mean if you don't give them a "5" rating. I rate on performance, often a "4" and a kind remark-- and a "5" for something exceptional. But that is not good enough for most and they want to cancel your order if you don't give them a "5." That makes the Fiverr rating system totally useless so you can't tell the good from the bad.

        Things like this are killing Fiverr both for people offering services and those buying them. In my opinion, it is hard to promote gigs because it may not be a desirable place to get services like it use to be. My perspective.
        Quality content to beat the competition. Personalized Author Services
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    A very good system which shows you step by step how to promote your Fiverr gigs is FiverrFactory. They do a great job and the product is valuable for anyone starting out on Fiverr or someone who still needs that little bit of extra help promoting his gigs.

    Hope it helped, Sven

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    You should make the best gigs. Here I wanted to tell you, you should make more attractive & informative than others gigs. Fiverr give ads on its front page randomly. so the customer may choose your gigs easily. Beside these you may have good feedback. Of course must obey the customers deadline to complete the work. Thanks

    Happy mood

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    I recommend continually scanning the Wanted sections for anything that you can do, and when you see someone asking for a Gig that you can do, immediately create a custom gig using their exact wording, giving them exactly what they want. Do a great job, over-deliver, and when they are happy ask them if there is anything else that you can do for them. That way you will get more positive feedback, and people who will keep coming back to your for work.

    Try it

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    I created a forum for hosting and fiverr gigs( but due to the lack of traffic i havent worked on it for some time but if there is any intrest in this then please say so and i will contiue to make it better and begin promoting it to get more traffic, fiverr isent doing a great job promoting our fiverr gigs and we need something out side fiverr to get more sales so a forum for just that will do wonders if theres traffic!
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    Search Warriors Plus first.
    Check the feedback on the WSOs.
    Search this forum for more info.
    I use fiverr often, but I have not tried to profit there.

    Terry Grieve
    Owner of IBUGU
    Internet Business User Group Unlimited
    Mastering Online Marketing Since 1996

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    You can promote your fiverr gigs on your blog, on other people's blogs, on Facebook talking with people, on your email list. However because you get paid a little, you don't have money to advertise it. So get your friends to buy from you, it can help boost it too.

    hope that helps
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      Create a YouTube video of your work and then link to Fiverr gig in the description. Some of the top sellers on Fiverr have done this.
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    I think building your own blog about your Gigs online can really help you look more professional online. You know what I mean...

    By establishing your own blog site online, you are already coming off as an experienced business person, and that can give you good authority online. Think about it.

    Build a nice blog site, talk a lot about your experiences online, maybe 'how you learned all of your internet marketing skills', and stuff like that, you know. Then, simply implement internet marketing strategies to build up the traffic flow to the blog.

    Make sure you monetize your blog site with your services, and gigs. Create nice banners or/and good call-to-actions to sell your services.

    This is a great way to get a lot of business going on for a freelancer. I'm telling you!

    I wish you the best of the best!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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    If you offer a webmaster/SEO related Fiverr service, then you would do very well by linking to that service from webmaster or business related forums. Just be sure not to use an affiliate link and give a good description in your signature line. Add good value to any forum where you are using a signature line, so they don't perceive your link as spam.
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