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Everyday, I see tons and tons of software promotions that guarantee to make you money online, it's so overwhelming! Google and Twitter cash kits, and monetizing robots, for example. Is it worth trying? Or is it just a tactic someone discovered that they found works for them? Does it really matter what applications you use as long as it works?
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    I think you answered your question...

    Does it really matter, as long as it is working "For You"

    Paying to much attention to the mass, steals focus from your "Own Goals"

    Work out the basics, get up and running, start building a following.

    Keep your focus,

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    Chase Beach -
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    Go for anything that's working for you. The question is a bit strange but of course, you should always go for something that works for you. But how can you know thatr something works for you if you don't try it first?

    What will you do? Try them all?

    Pick one thing and go for it and you can be sure that it will work if you stick with it for 3 months.

    Mike G
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