Have a web development how-to site - working on tutorials + 70 hour wk physical labor = need advice

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Hi Warriors!

I have a job right now that is EXTREMELY PHYSICAL.

I work at it 70 hours a week Monday thru Friday.

The company is extremely inflexible about giving time off.

I have saved $15,000 in the last year and a half working there.

This is the only job I've ever had that I've been able to save that kind of money. It's far from being rich and it's ***at the expense of my health.***

Not only am I working 70 hour weeks but the job is physically unhealthy and I'm not eating right.

I'm neglecting basically all my needs and than on top of that I get home from work and I DO MORE WORK (on my website & tutorials).

I know internet marketing isn't easy. I was at it for a very long time and failed many times. This time I have made the to-the-core commitment I never really made before. (That's why I've done whatever it took to save up money to have as an Emergency Fund + Opportunity Fund).

But I've hit a wall with my job and with getting stuff done on my internet marketing project. My current mission - the one I've committed to - is to launch a website making tutorial site with really good videos on how to make websites.

Than do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get in front of people and get them to know my site exists. That means getting several t-shirts with my website address on them and wearing them everywhere. Getting out in public and in front of people. It means spending money on radio advertising, newspaper advertising, car magnets for my car, etc.

I am committed (for the first time ever) SERIOUSLY to succeeding with my site.

I can not quit my job. Not that I can't afford to quit since I can quit and have money to live off for a while plus with my level of experience and particular job I would have absolutely NO PROBLEM GETTING HIRED WITHIN A WEEK OF APPLYING FOR A JOB if I quit.

But I know that if I quit to start my business than I'm not as serious as I need to be to succeed. That's one of the things I did before. I failed because I let my cash flow diminish.

But the PROBLEM is since I can't quit my job and only have weekends to work on my tutorials - I've hit a wall. I can't focus on recording tutorials with super low energy levels. I've committed to making them happen but my brain just doesn't work. I know it's the physical exhaustion carrying over into mental exhaustion.

The company has part time (very part time) work and (beyond full time 70+ hours no less) positions. They have no in between. While currently working all these hours it's extremely difficult finding another option where there's more of a balance and the ability to free up some physcological energy to get my tutorials done.

So my QUESTION IS: how do I break through this barrier?

I could "quit my job" and than get stuff done and than get another job but than I wouldn't be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT COMMITED TO MAKING MY SITE SUCCESSFUL since that's what I've done before. I know TAKING THE RISK of quitting the job is in many ways a COMMITTMENT TO SUCCEEDING for many people since it's what they HAVE NOT DONE but since that's something I have a tendency to do for me to BE IN FOLLOW THROUGH MODE I need to NOT QUIT THE JOB until I at least get a few web hosting commissions (from the coupon codes in the videos + very light affiliate links all with FULL DISCLOSURE of the COMMISSIONS that I earn from the coupons and links).

So sheer exhaustion + not giving up = PLATEAU

I need some well thought out advice on getting past this plataue. I am 150% committed to this. I am ready for the UNIVERSE TO HEAR ME ROAR.


(In case any of you have seen the really good video where the success coach is speaking to a group of people and tells them a story about a guru telling someone to meet them at the Beach at 4AM to teach him how to make money, than he meets him there and he tells him to walk out into the water, he thinks the guru's crazy, but eventually the guru pulls him under the water and than says "When you were under the water HOW BAD DID YOU WANT TO BREATHE???"....and than tells him "WHEN YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL AS BAD AS YOU WANT TO BREATHE THAN YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!")

I have always wanted it bad but I have never wanted to succeed as bad as I want to breathe and I am there now. So I'm not gonna quit I'm gonna keep pushing through.

Yet I'm stuck. Which is why I'm here because I want to be unstuck as bad as I want to breathe.

Serious responses only please.



It may be ineffective in some ways but that's how bad I want it.

So how can I focus when I don't eat and I push and push and push but physically and mentally am burned out?

Thanks again.
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    I can Empathize with your plight, there are a lot of different things that you could do, (the Job and your health, I understand that too) There are ways to bring about change and bring in some help that you can trust, (that is a big order) however I would not advise that you quit your job.

    Depending on the industry that you're in and the commitments, you have to manage, (family, ect)

    There are some choices that could grow your opportunity for a different lifestyle.

    Its obvious that you're not happy with the job, however its one thing to try to bring success to a business venture and its another to find the best market for what will bring about success.

    Competition is the main issue that affects your ability to succeed, websites are great, but if you have been in this business for any length of time you know just how difficult it can be to talk to people about websites.

    Every business needs one but most do not have one or the one they have some fly by night provider setup one and then disappeared.

    DIY, sure why not, but advertising, radio, ect, is not likely to succeed.

    Most of what it takes to get a client is face to face meetings and demos, (there is a market out there) you just have to be better than anyone else out there.

    (thats a tall order)

    seeking advice and or information is a good first step.

    (Coaching is not really something that in my experience produces the kind of results that you need)

    Make a plan, test the water, but dont go "all in" until you "know" you will be successful.

    Its more about "knowing" than "Feeling"
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