Sitemaps - do they work and how long does it take to get indexed?

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just curious...

I have made sitemaps, used software to make sitemaps, submitted them to the big G etc.

I have bought Products that say submitting a sitemap can get your site indexed within a few hours but I have NEVER had that experience.

In fact, I set up a new wordpress site a few days ago and filled it with content - really good stuff - and then submitted a sitemap. (I also did several other SEO things...not JUST a sitemap)

That was on Monday.

Although the sitemap has been read and DLed by Google every day, I don't have a single URL indexed.

At the same time, I am already coming up #2 on Yahoo.

So - I guess my question is - has anyone gotten the so-called "within hours" results when submitting a sitemap to G?
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    "Within hours" doesn't happen for no reason. It's fairly easy to get a new site's index page in google within hours with a link or two from high pagerank sites that are indexed often. My experience has been the more content you give Google on a new site, the longer it takes for Google to figure out how to index it, I imagine because it has to work harder to do all the link/pagerank/etc calculations from scratch. My rule of thumb is usually two pages, one post, and wait for Google to figure out what to do with it, it's usually within a week. I built a new site with about 50 pages and 20 posts and google spidered the thing for months before the whole thing was indexed.
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    wow - didn't think about that in that way. Sometimes you can have TOO much content. Excellent advice.
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    I build all my sites with Wordpress and 87% of them are indexed by G within a day (sometimes hours) or two automatically. I do use the sitemap plugin and have my sites pinged to 7-10 ping-sites.

    For the stubborn sites, I will Digg them and bookmark them on a few social sites to speed up the process.

    Sometimes, no matter what I do, it takes weeks to show up.

    Greg Schueler - Wordpress Fanatic... Living The Offline Marketing Dream...

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