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I would appreciate any help you can offer.

I am looking for a place that sells hosted squeeze pages.

I do not want to use my website - I want the squeeze page to be hosted by the provider (I am aware the URL to the created landing page will be something like www.dogtrainingtips.squeezepagesrus.com or something like that.)

- Mobile responsive
- One time fee or monthly fee OK
- Aweber integration
- Not a WP plugin
- Not LeadPages

Thanks in advance!
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    I believe that Aweber can host your squeeze page (opt in page)
    Nice day to all of you
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      They have a page they can host a form on - but no background image - etc

      If you have tried to do this through Aweber, you would notice how bad the page looks. The form is pushed to the top of the page - and the page is very bland. Here is an example with a BS sample form I made http://forms.aweber.com/form/12/563827212.htm

      I would be surprised if anyone ever really uses this function in Aweber.

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    Before I can try and recommend anything I would need to know:

    1. Why do you want it hosted by a third party service?

    2. What don't you like about Leadpages -- as it does everything you are asking for.
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      Sorry to say - I found Lead Pages a bit difficult to use. I am no professional, but it was not easy. Everything is advertised to be very simple to use, BUT I understand that is not usually the case.

      All I was looking for was to publish simple squeeze pages that were hosted.

      I assume I am a fairly regular customer (not a seasoned marketer). I wanted to pay for the service, make some squeeze pages - and start to send traffic. Instead I was confronted with messages like - your Aweber account has no lists (yes, it does.) Unfortunately, there were other issues also.

      All I wanted was a simple squeeze page connected to Aweber. I spent 4 hours trying to do it.

      Here is some of my frustration - 2014-11-12_1044 - Robsterhews's library

      Paying for the extra level of support always drives me crazy! If you have a product - support it with all your effort - I hate paying for extra support. I understand the financial incentive for LeadPages in doing this, but I think it is a terrible business model. If people need help you should help them quickly and effectively - if they did this then I think people would upgrade for more options.

      I know there are a lot of leadpage fans - and I am glad you got the system to work well for you.

      I do wish the people at LeadPages all the best moving forward, but I think their system is a bit clunky now unless you're pretty experienced.

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    I'm intrigued: what's the benefit of being dependent on an additional, unnecessary, third-party service, and at the same time having an unprofessional-looking, credibility-losing URL?

    Apologies for a frankly unhelpful post, but sometimes, when someone's asking about ways of doing something you wouldn't ever dream of doing, yourself, it can be relevant to ask why ... (?).

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    Onelinks.net is a good one. But I believe the offer is closed. If they open again, I would give it a try.
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    kblm.co There are 4 actually easy steps and you have a squeeze page. Now, if you want more customization just learn how to use LeadPages it isn't rocket science there.
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    Try out get response landing page feature. Its added on to there service. You can even try it out before you buy? You did say third party hosted right?

    I feel like you are trying to start this service for yourself if so kudos... there's not many out there and everybody is using a squeeze page ... or maybe im thinking about it too much ...
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      Nope, I'm not skilled enough to do something like that.

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    I would be surprised if anyone ever really uses this function in Aweber.
    I've signed up many thousands of people using these pages. Off FB ads for a while I was getting North of 80% opt-ins. If you can't figure out how to make simple, effective squeeze pages, I suggest you learn.

    BTW the URL is forms.aweber.com/FORMID
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