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Hey Warriors,

Working on a new up and coming magazine, your opinions mean a lot to me and have helped me out a lot in the past so feel free to comment on my work. To check out more of my work, stop by the links below.

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    wow that looks amazing i hope it goes well for you.

    kind regards

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    Thanx for the boost in confidence Sam.
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    I am going to be honest because you asked.

    I really think your typography needs some work. Look at other magazines to see what their font styles looks like. Title is way too small in proportion to the spacing and layout. Way too many different fonts, visually conflict with each other. Primary title font is waaaaay too hard to read in conjunction with all the other graphic elements.

    Make the girl much larger and move to the extreme left bleed.

    Pick a consistent font & color for your article call outs.

    You have some really solid elements, but IMHO need to keep working.
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    Thanks for the feedback. that's what I'm wanting to hear. Sometimes when you work on something you just can't see what's wrong with it until someone else points it out.

    Thanks A Bunch
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    There's no flow to it. I'm not sure what my eyes are supposed to be drawn to. And, everything tends to blend in together.

    I think MichaelHiles' advice is on-target.

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