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Hi all,
I have a mess I am hoping someone can help with.
I've had a static site for a couple of years that I decided to "revive". I decided I wanted to change it over to WP.

Maybe not the right way to go about it, but decided to build the site in a subfolder on my husband's hosting account, so while I was building it, it was at

Got it all finished up and happy with it and he went in GoDaddy and changed the DNS. His computer doesn't show the new site yet (I realize it can take 48 hours), but mine does. So when I go to, it looks fine, but when I click on a category, it still goes to - still showing his domain and not mine.

Is this just a propagation issue and it will fix in a couple of days? OR did I really mess up by setting up the site first?

Am I going to need to re-do everything???
#domains #wordpress
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    Did you go into the Admin settings and change that to reflect the new domain name?

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      <blush> Okies - all better now.... Thank you!
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    Glad to help. No need to blush, everyone misses things now and again. I spent about an hour today looking for a banner code on one of my sites only to realize that the code was actually in the post!
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