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I am planning to start a blog on a niche that acts as am umbrella for sub-niches.

I'm narrowing it down to 2-3 sub niches under the main niche.

Now, is it advisable to sub-niche on the main blog, or create a blog for each niche?

Thanks for any advice. I've been in paralysis for so long due to lack of finding a niche, and now that I have, I'm being pulled different ways on how to start out.
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    I think depending on the size of the niche you could run them under main blog, set up different pages, categories ect. You can always break them off on their own once you have driven some traffic and seen a response. Good luck with getting up and running, action always trumps perfection!
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    IMHO....treat each sub a s a separate business....you never know when one might beak all records....
    I also believe that SEO will work better when the are free standing...
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    Hi mjsca07,

    what i teach all of my students is to use the following simple formula:

    + 1 Main Niche (Your Domain)
    + For every Subniche you wanna to implement (A separate subdomain)

    In this way you get a better overview and it has more structure for you and your visitors.

    Hope this helps
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