Automated newsletter or manual newsletter?

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So basically, I have a subscribers list, I was wondering if you all write up your monthly/weekly newsletters manually or just have a script that brings out your latest blog posts and list it on the newsletter?
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    Where are your subscribers stored? If you are using an autoresponder service like Getresponse or Aweber, they have to tools that'll let you automate your mailing.

    I usually set up posts for every 2 days, so they'll be sent to my list automatically and occasionally do manual broadcasts, based on the circumstance. For example, if there is a new product being released in my niche, and it'll help out my list members, I'll do a review on the product and send out a broadcast introducing the product, with a link to my review.

    It all depends on how you want to communicate with your list.
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    I think writing your emails manually is best because it shows your subscribers a bit of the human side of your business. It helps engage them better, and they start to recognize your personality, and so perhaps look forward to your next email.

    If you send a script, they won't really like it as much as a manual one. Who likes to receive automated messages every time? Atleast that's just the way I see it!

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      It sounds like you are basing a business decision based on information that is old.

      There are a couple of things here. If you are only writing once a month, you are going to have tons of people forgetting who you are and wondering why you are writing to them. Once a week might be enough, but probably not.

      Almost nobody reads newsletters, most people are in a hurry theses days and want to know what you are telling them about in a few short minutes.

      This might not apply if your target market is older people who still browse through email newsletters.

      By definition, you can't send a canned newsletter. If you are going to send news, send news, if you are going to send a review of things that happened 4 weeks ago, you are going to need to do a heckuva selling job just to get people to read your email. Let alone take action on anything in it.

      There are markets where this strategy could work, long term investment strategies, insurance, things that people take a long time to think about before buying.

      But for most things, people don't sit still anymore to read something called a newsletter.

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    manually is always going to be more engaging and likely add years to your subscriber list than any auto generated content.

    Take the time to get personal and write to them. They signed up to get more of you. That is a good thing
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    If you keep your email to a few lines, maybe even a paragraph, you should have plenty of time to write that for yourself. Of course, you could write up several to have it go out in the upcoming week, just as a way to save time. It's not as canned as something that was written five years ago. As for notifying your readers that you have a new blog post via email, why not?

    However, you might want to follow up with a personally written email (broadcast) that gives more information they can't find on the blog and maybe a good recommendation for something they should buy.
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    I suggest you to go with manual newsletters, this way you can fetch fresh content to your subscribers which is very important.

    - Nizam
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    I think you are going to want to write that your self so it has the maximum relevance to your list.
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    I would go with automated newsletter correspondence when it comes to broadcast a list of recent blog posts. This is to keep your list warm and don't let them forget who you are. Same thing when you write up a follow up sequence.

    But if you really want to get a better response you need something more personal not generic.

    A manually written email in one-two lines with thoughts, ideas, links, notes will be a great communication factor.
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    Blogging/content marketing has replaced email newsletters. Blogging can be a pretty powerful strategy if you already have an audience (use email to let your subscribers know your blog has been updated). People don't read content rich emails like they used to.
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    Better if you write manual and include some personal stories so it helps engage with your subscribers...
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