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Hello Folks,

I am a little confused about statistics I've been receiving for my website and merchant page. I am hoping someone can shed some light on it.

I have about 100 live articles on EA in my market. My click thru ratio has increased to 20% which I think is very good because my buyers are not really looking to get info they are looking for design images. I think the majority click the link, realize it's an article and click back. Those that stay I try to hook at the beginning that I'll tell them where they can go to get images.

In the last paragraphs of my article, I start to funnel down to talk about the product and why it's a good deal. My resource box is pretty specific, it basically says, click here to read review, make a choice to get your images.

My question is after going through the article, and resource box, why would only a third of the website visitors actually click on one of the review items and visit the merchant page from my website? I get this number from Google's website visitors and Clickbanks hops stats.

It just seems to me that by the time they get to the website, it is highly targeted traffic. Is 30% a normal conversion even for highly targeted traffic?

Foot Tattoo Designs
Review of The Best Online Tattoo Galleries
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    I think 30% is damn good! Nearly 1-in-3 visitors taking some action on your site that could make you money is something a lot of marketers only dream of seeing. I think your system is doing well. Now I'd test various merchants to see which ones do their job best by converting the visitors you send them to money in your pocket.

    And you really should build a list from all that highly targeted traffic! Go back to them with informative emails and push the better converting offers to make more sales. Standard stuff, but I think you really already have a great system in place to monetize the heck out of it if you work it.

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    First thing that catches my eye is that your site is a "review" site. My impression from the article is that you are offering tattoo graphics on your site. When people click and see it's just "reading material", they click away because they expect to see a page full of graphics.

    That's my impression, anyway.

    Your site might do better if you use more impressive tattoo images that catch their eye right away.

    This portion:
    "Find great foot tattoo designs by looking through thousands of the best tattoo designs all in one place."
    tells me that your site has designs, but that's not what they get. Plus, they aren't looking at them 'all in one place' because they have to click over to other sites to see them.

    You have 2 companies reviewed on your page. The list at the bottom of the page are not linked anywhere. So there is a huge letdown when people arrive.

    In short, your landing page does not reflect the product or meet the expectation of visitors.

    Make your colors more vivid (colorful), meet their creative expectations (show tattoos available), and give them more of what you are offering in your article (more links to galleries).

    Hope this helps.


    PS: You say you are getting a 30% CTR from your articles, but few if any are clicking the reviews. You are doing a great job getting them to your site with your articles, but if they never click through, your efforts are in vain. Take a closer look at what your reader expects from your article by clicking the link and you're sure to see what I mean.
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      Thank you for your feedback.



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