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by Rob P
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Hi guys,

We are using wordpress for one of my sites - a parallax theme - and I have a video on the homepage.

Cutrrently we have had to make it a static image because the site wasn't loading fast enough but I have seen some parallax sites with video on and they load straight away.

Can anyone suggest how we can make our site load faster and still have the video on?

This is my site: (video has been temporarily disabled and made a static image. It was hosted on Youtube).

These are the sites I have seen with video on:

Any help you wizards can give much appreciated...
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    Cool video!

    To find the problem code, try to open your website in Mac Safari->Develop->Show Web inspector->Timelines. You will see all timeline events in milliseconds. Also you will find 3 errors and 250 css warnings. Analyze this info and find the delay reason.

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    Loading time depends on the web hosting quality, size of the video, the size and the number of images per page, how well is the theme optimized (number of database queries for homepage), number of http requests, number of stylesheets, javascript files loaded and so on.

    To speed up your WordPress site, you could use a caching plugin, like W3 Total Cache . This should reduce the loading time if the video is not very large.
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    You guys are awesome!!! Thank you
    All the suffering in this world comes from trying to make yourself happy. All the happiness comes from making others happy. (GK Gyatso)

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    w3 cache plugin for word press is the best thing you can do to speed up your site. Also optimizing your images before uploading helps a lot too!
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    Beautiful site. I need to connect you with some friends who do the same in the US Mission Be | Be Mindful, Be Compassionate, Be Happy

    About your question, it loads quite fast from London. You already solved it?

    If not, you want to look at video streaming which will load the 1st frames of the video first and then the rest instead of downloading the full video. I think provide such service.
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      Hey Arnauld, thanks for that. Well, my web guy is working on it so I think improvements are coming today. Would LOVE a connection with your friends in the states - is that possible? PM me or you can email me - rob at theliferaft dot org
      Cheers buddy
      All the suffering in this world comes from trying to make yourself happy. All the happiness comes from making others happy. (GK Gyatso)

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    Check your site at and fix what they suggest.
    Caching of images, .js files, css files, etc. If you're imporint fonts, that can also be a factor.
    Some plugins can also cause WP to load slow. I once worked with a wordpress site that was build on Freelancer which was very slow. After looking into it, I noticed this guy copied an old word press site and used it for my client. I removed the old plugins and was able to make it faster.
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    Ok, you all might think that this is a bit old school, but I personally feel that you should just create a static site without a bunch of complex coding under the hood. Make the pages simple and don't include all those fancy scripts and such. They're not really necessary to have.

    You can make a really nice site just by using simple basic HTML code. Your site doesn't have to be flashy or complicated and such. Too many sites take too long to load because of all the scripts that are running in the background and such, and to tell you the truth, those are quite annoying!

    Simplicity is always best

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    You could try using a CDN service. CoudFlare offers a free service and it can really make a difference in speed. Unless you are only targeting local (local to your server) audience, a CDN is necessary.
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