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Hey everyone, I wanted to use a photoshop edited version of the dollar bill as my title/logo to my website. I was wondering would this result in some sort of copyright or fines. Thanks!
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    Generally speaking, using photoshopped version of US currency is OK, no copyright issues. It kind of depends on what you are doing and who edited the image. Unless you took the original image, or bought the rights to use an existing image of currency, then you might run afoul of copyright.

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    This is all I could find, so I think you're in the clear since size is not going to be an issue. Never recreate any currency to scale.

    Using Pictures of US Paper Money - Legally Using Illustrations of Paper Currency in the United States

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    I agree with Ghoster above, size is the issue. But...if you scan a bill yourself to modify in Photoshop you could run into problems. The photoshopped file would be fine, but the original scan could be considered illegal. So I would scan the bill, get it into Photoshop, do the editing, then delete the original scan and original layer in Photoshop.
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