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Hi all,
Hope I get some solid info on changing ip, I am learning so much just reading along here and am grateful. I want to be able to change my ip to be able to work on sites with multiple accounts ie; cl, yahoo answers, and more. I have learned about proxy servers but see that they are a security risk and sounds like constant searching for proxies that work, and private secure proxy's cost $, also I have tried changing it by changing it in my network properties, and that does not work. I am on verison fios (hard wired). I do not mind paying if it is a good service, I found Iprivacytools.com and for 17 bux for three months service it sounds good any one know about this site.
It seems like a very grey area and I hear so many different things, is there a solid simple way do change ip with confidence daily.
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    I'm not sure what you're asking. Don't all IPs allow multiple sites? Mine does. Proxy? When I had Hughes Satellite I used proxy but now with my DSL if it's there I don't know it.

    Who is your current ISP? Is it cable? Dial-up? DSL? Dish?--What?
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