Help With Paypal Please?

by Audrey Harvey 0 replies
I've recently made a couple of purchases with paypal, and for some reason, paypal has started making my payments as e-checks, so the vendor doesn't get paid for a few days, and I don't get my goodies.

I only found this out when I purchased a downloadable item and I have to wait until it clears to get it. It's only been a recent change, because about two weeks ago, my payments were instantaneous. I've no idea why it changed.

I have to pay for a service, and I don't want the recipient to have to wait, but I can't find on the paypal site how to choose instant payment.

Can anybody direct me to where on the site I can change the default back to instant payment? I suppose I could email paypal customer service, but WF offers better service <G>.

Thanks very much

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