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Dear Warriors

Any of you signed up for the work at Home packages you find on the internet? Those advertising that you can make thousands per month and not rely on your daily grind job? I would like to know if they are scams or bona fide businesses. If you have experience with them I would love to hear about it. To sign or not to sign? Thanks.
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    depends, you can't say "they" and expect us to know what you're talking about. They could be any type of system. Frankly, making money involves someone else handing money over to you. If a system teaches you how to do this then it's not a scam.

    If they try to do it for you... Think, if they have proven methods to generate themselves money then why the heck do they need me in the first place? You would just be taking money out of their pockets.

    You can sign up to click bank and become an affiliate there. there are 1000 different ways to go about being an affiliate.
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    I signed up for one about four years ago in a moment of weekness,but of course it turned out to be too good to be true. I cannot remember the details but it was something to do with posting to blogs, which is something I do on a regular basis. However when it came to claiming payment my work was disallowed.

    You need to find someone you can trust that is working at home and go and visit them. I advise against paying money to get starter kit or lists of companies to approach.

    I wish you well in your search

    David Ogden is CEO of TheInterBiz LLC which uses a suite of free marketing tools to promote his opportunity
    phone1-386-308-1956 before 10AM EST

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      Your question is a bit too general to answer with specifics.

      But you might want to start with a google search on the keywords "work at home package you are talking about" + reviews.

      And see what turns up, before you hand over any of your cash.
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      Thanks David I appreciate your sharing personal experience on this matter and will definitely buyer beware.
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      Thanks everyone for your contributions. They have been helpful even michael harris tip to "google search on the keywords "work at home package you are talking about" + reviews" Something simple like that I forget so it is a good tip for me. Thanks.
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    To sign or not to sign?
    Not! Do a lot more research before you join anything.
    Join Thousands of Entrepreneurs and Start Your Profitable and Sustainable Business Today!

    The Leveraged Affiliate System is more than a business-in-a-box, it's a proven solution for you to earn a solid and recurring income in one of the best niches by promoting a high-demand product offered at an irresistible price.

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      Most of the too easy to believe ones are EXACTLY that.

      Even years ago when I was doing Paid Surveys, it did take time to do them and they were rather tedious for the amount of money you could make. It was still cool at the time to get those checks in the mail

      The ones that are legit are ones people actually have to put some Work and Thought into.

      Which many of the WF crowd can be adverse to

      - Robert Andrew
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      Not! Do a lot more research before you join anything.
      Yeah! There are a lot of scams today so beware of those sites that have been reported already. Google is our friend, so use it before joining anything.
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    Several years ago, I joined the WF looking for ways to make money working from home. I have bought lots of WSOs over the years. No it hasn't been easier, but yes it is possible to learn techniques, do the work, and make some money.

    I don't have one particular course I'd recommend above all others, but I've learned so much from various sources that it's definitely been worth it in the end.
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    Generally if it's too good to be true, it is. Same goes with Internet Marketing. If someone says you will make $5,000 in a week with his/her system...not going to happen. Temper your expectations and put in a lot of hard work, that's how you will succeed to make money online.
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      99% of the things you see on google are scams, believe me I searched for years and its just scam after scam! you have to look at it this way, if it works, then why the hell are people selling as cheap as $20/30 a pop? simple answer is they wouldn't.

      There are good courses out there but check reviews and ask questions, and go for ones which are more instructional and less of a system! systems don't work! the only system ive ever had success with involves matched betting! unfortunately though it will pretty much only work for the people in the UK and its not exactly internet marketing, but then again its not betting either as its risk free.

      The only other method ive made good money online is trading cryptocurrencies! tons of money to be made there but it does take a lot of learning!

      My advice is learn the methods to marketing and don't buy into the BS of some magnificent system! they don't exist!
      Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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        No doubt there are thousands of business opportunities to choose from, but you must know what to look for before falling for any of the typical get rich quick hype. Rule number one, if you have to pay to play, be extremely cautious. If you were looking for a job, would you pay them for the position? No, so why would you pay any online home business so you can work for them, same difference. Sure, if there is a product purchase required, that is one thing, but I believe in FREE.

        Think about it, if a company offers you a FREE home business opportunity, one without fees to join, fees for websites, training, etc., never mind mandating a purchase at retail prices to be qualified to earn commissions for YOUR efforts. Never made sense to me to pay to play as I refer to these schemes in network marketing industry.

        Once you find a FREE business opportunity, with none of the conditions listed above, now you have narrowed down your search to a select few overall. A company that charges you to become a distributor is obviously dependent on this income which indicates they are not financially stable or well extablished. If you go back over the years you will find thousands of these pay to play deal long gone. Look for financially stable business opportunities, and the ones who do not nickel and dime you are the better choice as I have learned over the years.

        Now think about this, why should you have to pay retail for your first order if a sample is required to effectively market any product. In fact, samples should be provided at cost in my opinion, after all, shouldn't a company have enough faith in their product to offer at cost samples to new potential distributors. The reasons why most don't is they are underfunded, or worse, start ups who rely on selling at full price to fund product production, which I have also seen as the case hundreds of times.

        Next thing to concider is whether products are easy to sell for most people are not seasoned sales oriented people who seel work at home or online business opportunities. So look for a product that you would find valuable in your life, as in, will save you time and money on what you are already purchasing elsewhere. If you cannot see the value, then no one else will either, so look for value oriented mass appeal products to market. If possible, look for unique exclusive products with the WOW factor are best.

        Because most people are not good sales people, in fact, most people hate to be sold as well, so you want a product which sells itself if you want to experience true success. A product which can be demonstrated in seconds is what I have always researched and evaluated knowing how difficult it is for most to deal with rejection in sales industry. Make no mistake, without a product people want, and must have once they see it, most will fail in selling industry.

        Look for RecessionPROOF business opportunities, the ones that save people time and money or both. One thing I have learned over the years is people will not want to pay retail or the usual higher price for products from a direct seller if they can get it at Walmart for less. Internet sales have exploded for one reason only, people all want to save time and money, so you must choose a product which has this in mind since everyone can instantly check prices on just about any product on their smart phones. Price matters, and if you cannot offer a product at the lowest prices, then you better research exclusive products no one else has. Ask yourself, would you buy this product without the business opportunity attached to it?

        These are the basics for newbies to concider before wasting their time and money on the thousands of duds on the market, never mind outright scams. Avoid the get rich quick hype at all costs, there is no such thing, believe me. If you can find a product that can demonstrate instant results in a video on your own website, now you are getting close to your dream of success. If you could demonstrate a product face to face with that WOW factor whereby prospect wants in immediately, now you are getting on the track to success. Most products cannot demostrate effectiveness instantly, and that is a fact. Just look at all the weight loss deals, supplements of all types, none can provide instant results.

        Now that you know what not to do, and what to choose for your home business or internet business, I have saved you a ton of time and money in your search. Free advice is what I am all about, and I can afford to offer this kind of experience for I have been in traditional and internet business for decades and I have seen it all. Experience has taught me well, and now I can afford to pass on this advice to others as there is nothing better than seeing others succeed in their own businesses. Care to share, pay it forward, people helping people, this is what I enjoy doing in my businesses, helping others narrow their search and not get burned as I have many times over the years. Sadly, most people quit after even one failure, so live and learn, never quit for there is not one successful person in business who has not failed along the way to success. Think about that.

        Success to all,
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    nah, these are scams.. I see them as the gateway to earning money online, its like a trap to deter the undetermined . many people will fall for these scams and feel frustrated and quit, forever seeing IM as fraud, but the serious people will search deeper for what they want than via clicking on ads and paying for dodgy get rich quick schemes..
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