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Hello, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with a few questions that I have about getting merchant accounts set up for multiple people that I'd like to do business with.

We have a stable tech support business, where we do about $40,0000 to $50,000 per week in online processing. Our chargebacks are usually around 2%.

We have recently started taking our business model and teaching it to a select few partners who we feel might be able to successfully duplicate the tech support business that we've been running. We help them set up everything from front to back with the agreement that they will purchase leads from us at a set price.

I'm hoping to get some advice on how to handle the merchant processing with each new business "franchise" that we set up. Our typical new franchise does around $5-10k per week in sales, and we hope that they can eventually scale to the 40-50k per week mark that they main business is running at.

We are currently running each new franchise through our existing merchant account, but I would much rather get each franchise set up with their own account, in case one of these satellite companies were to hit an un acceptable charge back ratio or do something that causes their account to become suspended, it wouldn't affect our entire portfolio.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a merchant provider that has a relatively easy setup process for a new online company looking to do $5-10k per week to start? Our goal is to set up 10 different partners who can all perform at this beginning level, with maybe half of them eventually getting to the 40-50k per week mark. Some of our partners have great credit whiles others do not, so preferably a merchant provider that does not require a personal credit check would be best.

Thanks so much for any help!
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    It's a question for your banker....which I hope you have at sales levels that high. We use a small local bank and First Data (the 800 pound gorilla in the processing game) and I couldn't be happier.

    When we switched, it took about 3 days to be up and running. That's about what I'd expect assuming the franchises have their own accounts, tax ID etc.

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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    Look for processors that support the payment aggregator model. It's difficult with high-risk, but it's possible.
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    first data is the company i use them with bank of america and they are great and very little fees
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