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I have just sold a website using flippa and I used flippa's Escrow for payment. Everything was going well but for some rule violation my account got suspended. Is it create any problem to get the payment with wire transfer ?

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    Probably not. Flippa and escrow.com are not related companies.
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      Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      Probably not. Flippa and escrow.com are not related companies.
      You probably weren't aware because this is BRAND new...but Flippa just setup their own escrow company, "Flippa Escrow".

      I don't know if that's what OP was referring to here or not, though...he might have just meant Escrow.com.

      It's an interesting play on Flippa's part. We were considering doing something similar just several weeks ago for brokers, but thought it would be a tough sell to convince other brokers to use our service, viewing it as competition.

      There's a real market for that, though, if someone with some cash is looking for a niche. Target website and online business brokers as an escrow company that focuses on them...
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    Thanks for your helps. I got payment yesterday. I was using flippa's escrow not escrow.com .
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    Did you contact flippa about this issue? Curious about why you posted here. I know some people may have been able to help, but just seems to make more sense going directly to flippa?
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    I got the money for but they want it back because flippa thinks that the buyer is fraud. I took all the money from my savings account. So now they can't get it back.

    I suggest you all not to use flippa for selling websites( especially if your site is highly valued ).
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