Recent Success Using Cold Leads and Video

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Wanted to share a recent success I had. Turned $300 into $4500 per month using this strategy first time and since repeated a few times.

But, first, I'm going to tell you how I was doing it the HARD way.

Hard way: I'd scour the internet looking for exact fits for my service. Then, I'd create a video walkthrough of their site pointing out a bunch of areas I could improve. I'd send a link to that video with a cold email.

It was slow and painful. But, it (sorta) worked. I read about it on several popular blogs.

The main problem was if I kept going that way I'd be an old man and starve to death before making any real money.

So, I tried something out. Instead of sending the super custom email and super custom video, I went and bought a ton of leads in one of my target niches (3,000 to be exact).

Then, I sent out an email that said basically this, "Hey, I looked at your site and there are a few simple things I think you could do to dramatically improve it. I created a short video walk through explaining it. Problem is... I'm not sure exactly who to send this video to. Can you help?"

At this point, I had not created a video. I wanted to see who replied first. THEN, if they showed interest or told me who to send it to, I'd create the video.

Did it pull as well as the first one? No... not even close. The slow, painful laborious method worked better in terms of response % but I'd starve to death before I made any real money.

The 2nd one had a lower response rate but because I was able to send out thousands in the same amount of time the overall number of interested people was much higher. Not only that, I could hit more niches to increase my chances of finding more responsive niches.

Now, I was spending my time creating videos for people that were not only interested but were invested via their response.

The actual plumbing is easy: and I use Screenflow to record the videos. You can use your normal gmail or gmail apps account but allows you to do an automatic sequence and it stops the sequence if someone replies so you don't look like an idiot.

That is nice when you are going out at higher scale because manual follow-up is sure to get dropped.

I tried a bunch of other things like Streak + + another app that lets you see when they viewed your email - all inside Gmail and other shit but this is what worked best for me at this scale.


P.S. If you have questions feel free to ask me. I will tell you exactly what the service/niche is but anything else is fair game.
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    Nice stragegy. Thanks for sharing.
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    What will start to happen with a list you bought is email with links to the video will start to get sent to the user's spam folder (ex. gmail) or even rejected by ISPs. I think 3000 should work pretty well if you send them slowly.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    interesting approach..

    I have been wanting to do something similar, messaging admins of sites where english is obviously their second language because the content looks like crap, and offering to spruce it up for them.. Thanks for the reminder actually!
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