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I used to own a domain which was for WAHM and writers. Just been offered the domain back, I had pushed it to a warrior before.

Anyway, I will need to come up with something for the site, and I thought it would be good to hear from some WAHM as to what they would like to see on the site.

Let's get brainstorming.
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    This is the most popular WAHM site on the Internet.

    Work From Home - Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms - WAHM.com

    You may get some ideas from there.
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    Thanks it was from there I got the original idea for the name of the domain, and then as I say I passed it over to someone else
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      Make it a place for wahm writers to relax and to find job ideas that involve writing.

      *writing jobs (posted by those looking to outsource)
      *Job Ideas (How to get into the business of..... copywriting/editing, ebooks, short stories, data entry, article writing, PLR writing & selling, VA's etc)
      *Tip of the day/week or month from experienced wahm writers
      *Scheduling and organizing clients
      *marketing & promoting a writing business
      *finding clients
      *keeping up with household duties (advice on taking care of your family while taking care of your clients at the same time)
      *advice on how to keep the kids entertained while trying to write

      This is what I thought of off the top of my head, I hope it helps you some. Good luck!
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    wahm.com has a lot of spammers and people preying on moms who want to stay home with their kids. There are a bunch of great ladies there, but I couldn't stand constantly being promoted a 'business opportunity' and rarely go back there. There are many women who truly want to run their own business, but in my heart think there are many, many more looking for a work at home JOB not a business. So many moms want to work at home so that they can be home with kids. They often don't want to get rich - they just want to get by or be a contributing member of the household financially.

    My teens' business It's a craze.
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      Originally Posted by Steve Porcaro View Post

      I am beginning to wonder what the definition of a spammer is lately?
      Boy have you said a mouthful there Steven. My definition is anyone who isn't respecting general accepted guidelines wrt unwanted mail. Further; anyone who doesn't follow the Golden Rule. I for one think there's all kinds of room to "market" within the guidelines set forth in any website, forum, e-mail etc. but I am (like you) surprised at the number even large companies that are abusing with spam all over the place. What people need to realize is that it's not necessary to walk on people to get where you're going. Do you want it done to you?

      And then there are companies like Quill (owned by Staples) who use unscrupulous 3rd party companies like Cydcor who basically just take advantage of young kids that need a job. Look up Cydcor complaints and you'll see what I mean. It's downright sickening.
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        Hi Bev,
        If you set up the site to do some simple stuff, I'd use it. Here are some examples:

        This is very much self serving but I'd pay for a WAHM to transcribe a PDF for me to a Word Doc or Open Office. It's a PDF I wrote and the Word Doc is missing, and I just don't have the time to do this. I'd also pay for some WAHM to take some long form reports I wrote and condense them down to $7 Special Reports. This is NOT write a 350 word blog post or write a 500 word article, just transcribe and condense. There are many WAHM that could do this kind of stuff. Others have mentioned the freelance writing kind of stuff the WAHM could do.

        All my best to you,
        Tony aka Palo on WF

        No sig today.

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